Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Article 22 of the FUFA Statutes: Delegates and Votes

The General Assembly is composed of 86 delegates as shown below;

Click  here: FUFA DELEGATES 2013-2017

Note: Some delegates are missing but their positions will be filled after by-elections are held.

a) For each of the 16 FUFA Super League Clubs:  1 delegate per club (16);

b) For the FUFA Big League: 10 delegates (10)

c) For each of the 8 Regional Associations: 5 delegates per Regional Association (40)

d) For the regional leagues: 1 delegate from each region (8)

e)For the Uganda Football Players Association: 2 delegates

f) For the Uganda Women Football Association: 2 delegates

g) For the Uganda Football Coaches Association: 2 delegates

h) For the Uganda Football Referees Association: 2 delegates

i)For the Uganda Beach Soccer Association: 2 delegates

j)For the Uganda Schools Football Association: 2 delegates