Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Cecafa fixture18.7 KiB648
Circular # 1025 Coaches Licenses597.9 KiB283
FIFA Letter Status Of FUFA 20131.0 MiB232
FIFA Legal Opinion On Trustee Act61.1 KiB922
FIFA Letter On Incorporation Of FUFA 17th June 2016311.0 KiB879
FIFA Letter to FUFA Status of 26 May 2016759.6 KiB364
FUFA Activity Calendar-2016/20171.5 MiB483
FUFA Application For Registration with NCS 2014592.9 KiB232
FUFA Coaches Licensing Rules-Fv1.0 MiB215
FUFA Competitions Rules-FV1.0 MiB192
FUFA Letter To FIFA 20131.6 MiB306
FUFA Letter of May 2016 To FIFA On Trustee Act1.6 MiB162
FUFA Letter to FIFA 2013 1.6 MiB175
FUFA Letter To NCS On Way Forward 20161.0 MiB206
FUFA Names new PRO461.1 KiB796
Fufa Press Conf 12 12 2013351.8 KiB427
FUFA statement on Death of Nelson Mandela287.1 KiB766
NCS Letter To FUFA On Compliance 2016584.8 KiB179
NCS Responds On FIFA-Government Meeting Over FUFA Registration1.4 MiB336
NCS Sports Act 1964 77.9 KiB193
President's Message for Nov 2013427.4 KiB804
President's Message Oct 2013373.4 KiB963
Presidents Press Conference Message351.8 KiB807
Solicitor General's legal opinion2.8 MiB263
Statutory Instrument 2014 No 3848.3 KiB193
Trustees Incorporation Act 1939657.9 KiB163
Uganda V Comoros Application For Media Accreditation 320.9 KiB303
Uganda V Comoros Application For Sponsors and Partners Accreditation333.3 KiB211
UPL Rules-Fv496.7 KiB119
WADA Circular No 1567 - Prohibited List 2017 - Comes Into Force January 2017616.3 KiB134