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FUFA Elections 2017: Electoral Committee addresses media

The FUFA Electoral committee has on Wednesday addressed the media during the Weekly press conference at the Uganda’s home of football in Mengo – Kampala.

This was the first time that the committee endorsed at the 92nd FUFA Ordinary Assembly in Luwero was engaging the media in an official address.

FUFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Edgar Watson who by virtual of his position at the federation is mandated to be part of the committee and independently oversee their activities officially inaugurated the committee led by Sam Bakiiki.

“At the 92nd FUFA Ordinary Assembly in Luwero, the FUFA Electoral Committee was endorsed. I am part of the committee as mandated by the FUFA Constitution to oversee the activities and also assist in the logistical area. The committee is independent and competent enough to execute all their activities without interference to the best of their abilities. The FUFA elective assembly shall be held on 5th August 2017 in Masindi starting at 9 a.m” Watson told the media.

Sam Bakiika (third from left) addresses the media. FUFA CEO, Edgar Watson (on his right) and on his left is Yusuf Awuye, the committee vice chairman

Addressing the media at the first official press conference as the FUFA Electoral Committee chairperson, Sam Bakiika, who was flanked by all the members on the committee vowed to work diligently for a free and fair electoral process.

“We have already started the road map for a successful electoral process that will lead to the eventual elections in August 2017. This is a process and not a one off event with a series of activities lined up. We have trained the polling assistants and other officials in all the districts of the country. The first task we undertook was to first ascertain the number of districts with active football leagues where we trained all the leaders. This will be a very transparent, free and fair electoral process” Bakiika noted.

Other FUFA Electoral Committee members

He also read out the clear road map for all the planned activities code named “Democratic Governance For Football Development”.

The Clear Road Map:

Nomination Process

District (District Football Associations): 10th April – 20th April 2017

Regional (Regional Football Associations): 3rd May – 12th May 2017

National (Special Interest Groups): 26th May – 31st May 2017

FUFA Executive: 10th June – 22nd June 2017

Declaration of Candidates:

District (District Football Associations): 26th April  2017

Regional (Regional Football Associations): 16th May  2017

National (Special Interest Groups): 2nd June 2017

FUFA Executive: 23rd June 2017

Voting Dates:

District (District Football Associations): 29th April 2017

Regional (Regional Football Associations): 18th May – 20th May 2017

National (Special Interest Groups): 5th June 2017

FUFA Executive: 5th August 2017

Click here for the road map FUFA Elections 2017 Road Map 

The FUFA Electoral Committee:

Sam Bakiika – Chairman

Yusuf Awuye – Vice Chairman

Edgar Watson – Secretary (FUFA CEO)

Members; Aluma Habib, James Okodi, Adupa John Gena, Igole Micheal, Semanda Julius, Kintu Geoffrey and Stanley Kinene

Click on FUFA Electoral Key Documents:

Circular No. 1058

FUFA Statutes 2017

Annex 1 of the FUFA Electoral Guidelines

Annex 2 of the FUFA Electoral Guidelines

FUFA Electoral Code

MAIN PHOTO: (L-R) Adupa John Gena, Julius Ssemanda, Edgar Watson, Sam Bakiika, Yusuf Awuye, Micheal Igole, Kinene Stanley, Aluma Habib