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Refresher course for Uganda Premier League club coaches


Activity: Refresher Course for coaches, Assistant Coaches, Fitness coaches in the Uganda Premier League and CAF ‘A’ Licensed coaches

Date: 9th-10th November, 2017

Venue: FUFA Technical Centre, Njeru 

FUFA has organized a fresher course for Uganda Premier League club coaches, their assistants and fitness coaches.  Holders of CAF “A” coaching licenses will also attend the refresher course at FUFA Technical Centre, Nejru from 9th to 10th November, 2017.

The FUFA Education Officer Jackson Nyiima confirmed the course.

‘Communication was sent to all stakeholders who fall in the category we need for this course. We expect good turn up from the clubs playing in the Azam Uganda Premier League’ said Nyiima.

Nyiima revealed that new aspects of the game will be taught to the participants.

‘Coaches will be introduced to the new technical developments in football, periodic planning, principles of training, match analysis, game reading and leadership concepts’ added Nyiima who is one of the two CAF Instructors who can examine and assess the coaches in Uganda and on the African Continent. Asumani Lubowa is the other Instructor.

Coaches will also be given topics for discussions and field practical presentations.

MAIN PHOTO: Jackson Nyiima-FUFA Education Officer