Friday, July 20, 2018
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Beach Soccer Hurriken 2016/2017

Beach Soccer Hurriken 2016/2017

3Nkumba University1280462402224
4Dalumba International124084057-1712

Note: Buwanika Bulls was demoted after missing three league games.

Note: Top four teams qualify for the Quarterfinal play offs: In this case;  (YMCA), MUBS, Nkuma Select, Muteesa I Royal University) will join the top 4 placed teams from Monsoon group (St Lawrence Univeristy, KIU, Stomers and Kabalagala Rangers) 

Top Scorers in the National Beach Soccer League as at 7th May, 2017

  • Ocen Ben 33 goals (MUBS)
  • Kalyowa Emmanuel 24 goals (St Lawrence)
  • Somoka Roch 23 goals (Nkumba Select)
  • Kabega Derrick 20 goals (Kabalagal Rangers)
  • Opejo Kokas 18 goals (Dalumba Interntional)
  • Eshioke Isaac 17 goals (KIU)
  • Muwawu Faizo 16 goals (YMCA) 
Beach Soccer action at Lido, Entebbe