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2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA: Uganda to face Togo

The Preliminary draw of the first round for the 2018 FIFA world Cup Russia has been conducted today.

Uganda was not included in the draw for the first round because of its position in the FIFA Rankings by mid July, 2015.

Uganda will now start at the second round with a two legged fixture against Togo to be played early November, 2015. The winner of over two legs will advance to the group stages of the qualifiers of 20 teams placed in five groups of four teams.

First Round Matches; 13 two-legged ties, played home and away, between 5-13 October 2015:

1. Somalia vs Niger 8. Eritrea vs Botswana
2. South Sudan vs Mauritania 9. Seychelles vs Burundi
3. Gambia vs Namibia 10. Liberia vs Guinea Bissau
4. Sao Tome  vs Ethiopia 11. Central African Republic vs Madagascar
5. Chad vs Sierra Leone 12. Mauritius vs Kenya
6. Comoros vs Lesotho 13. Tanzania vs Malawi
7. Djibouti vs Swaziland

Second Round:The winners of the first round plus 27 highest-ranked teams in Africa. All 40 teams paired into 20 ties, played home and away, between 9-17 November 2015:


Winner 1 vs Cameroon Winner 11 vs Senegal
Winner 2 vs Tunisia Winner 12 vs Cape Verde Islands
Winner 3 vs Guinea Winner 13 vs Algeria
Winner 4 vs Congo Brazzaville Sudan vs Zambia
Winner 5 vs Egypt Libya vs Rwanda
Winner 6 vs Ghana Morocco vs Equatorial Guinea
Winner 7 vs Nigeria Mozambique vs Gabon
Winner 8 vs Mali Benin vs Burkina Faso
Winner 9 vs Democratic Republic of Congo Togo vs Uganda
Winner 10 vs Ivory Coast Angola vs South Africa

3rd round matches: 20 winners of the second round will form five groups of four teams who will meet both home and away. Matches to be played between 3 October 2016 and 14 November 2017. The five group winners qualify for the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia.

Fifty-three African countries were in the draw, with only Zimbabwe missing following their expulsion to pay their former coach.

Africa has been allocated five spots in the finals, which will be played in Russia from 14 June to 15 July.




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