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FIFA hails FUFA for adopting new statutes

FIFA, an international football body has sent a message to the FUFA president Mr. Lawrence Mulindwa congratulating him and the entire football family in Uganda on the acquisition of the new statutes. The message that comes barely three days after the adoption of the new constitution on August 25 at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel is signed by the FIFA Secretary General, Jerome Valclke.

The FIFA letter stresses that the FUFA Super League is the only League that will be recognized by both FIFA and CAF.

Below is the full content as sent from FIFA to the FUFA President Lawrence Mulindwa.

Dear President,

We are very pleased to learn that the Ugandan Football family adopted the new statutes in line with FIFA recommendations. FUFA is now provided with appropriate tools to manage football in Uganda and will thus be able to avoid some of the problems it has witnessed in the recent past. The adoption of the new statutes is an important milestone which will certainly boost football. We are convinced it will help to develop football in your country and bring it to the level it deserves.

We also thank you for your kind words for the FIFA and CAF representatives who have been working very closely with you in order to achieve such an important objective.

We are aware that big challenges are ahead such as the proper implementation of the new statutes, be it with regard to the creation of the new members or the handling of the FUFA Super League. Since the latter is the only league recognized by FUFA and subsequently FIFA and CAF, we anticipate that the recent issues linked to the elite Ugandan Football will be solved once and for all. We are convinced that all stakeholders will greet the move and support FUFA and its league in setting up a competition of good quality.

Be assured that FIFA will be at your side in the coming months to help FUFA and its members to meet successfully the challenges. With the maturity shown by the football family through the adoption of the new statutes, we have all reasons to be optimistic.

Please send our congratulations to all the football family and our appreciation to the Ugandan authorities which have been very supportive of the process.  


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