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Presidential Youth Cup opens in Njeru

The Presidential U16 Youth tournament kicked off this Tuesday at Njeru Technical Centre with a call on school proprietors and head teachers to put in place reasonable budgets for sports and football in particular in their respective institutions.

The FUFA President Lawrence Mulindwa shaking hands with the players at the opening ceremony of the Presidential U16 Youth Cup on March 26.

The call was made by the FUFA President and sole proprietor of St. Marys Kitende Secondary School Mr. Lawrence Mulindwa while presiding over the inaugural ceremony of the tournament in Njeru. The FA leader said schools were vital in talent identification and development and therefore needed adequate budgets to register meaningful achievement.

Mulindwa initiated this cup in his individual capacity as a federation President and he is meeting all the expenses of the tournament ranging from the welfare of the participants to the prize money.

The Presidential kick: FUFA boss Lawrence Mulindwa kicks the ball at the official opening of the Presidential U16 youth cup at the technical centre in Njeru.

The President has offered UGX 8.600.000 in cash prizes. The winner will take home UGX 3.000.000 while the second best team takes UGX 2.000.000 and the third ream wins UGX 1.000.000. All the other participating schools will also walk back with some cash. UGX 800.000 for the 4thy team, UGX 700.000 for the 5th,  UGX 600,000 for the 6th, UGX 400,000 for the 7th and UGX 300.000 for the 8th positioned school.

The President said the tournament would help the federation identify potential talents for the underage national teams. He also pledged to maintain the tournament on an annual basis.


Match 1: Jinja Progressive Academy (1) Vs Old Kampala (2)

Match 2: St. Marys Kitende (4) Vs Rock High Rororo (1)

Match 3: St. Andrew Rubindi SS (1) Vs Mvara SS (0)

Match 4: St. Edwards Bukuumi (1) Vs Bishop Negri (8)

Wednesday fixture. (Two play grounds)

Match 5: Jinja Progressive Vs St. Andrews Rubindi (9:00am)

Match 6: St. Marys Kitende Vs St. Edwards Bukuumi (9:00am)

Match 7: Old Kampala SS Vs Mvara SS (11:00am)

Match 8: Rock High School Vs Bishop Negri (11:00am)

Match 9: Jinja Progressive Vs Mvara SS (2:30pm)

Match 10: St. Andrews Rubindi Vs Old Kampala (2:30pm)

Match 11: St. Marys Kitende Vs Bishop Negri (4:00pm)

Match 12: Rock High Tororo Vs St. Edwards Bukuumi



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