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AFCON 2017: Burkina Faso vs Uganda; Cranes to play under difficult conditions if Government doesn’t come in with support

AFCON 2017:

Burkina Faso vs Uganda on 26th March,2016

Uganda vs Burkina Faso 29th March, 2016(under floodlights)

We are making a call to the public to understand our position but also requesting Government to fund the National team’ FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo


The FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo addressed the media on Wednesday morning at FUFA House and he hinged his speech on two key issues-the forthcoming double header fixtures between Uganda Cranes and Burkina Faso and the involvement of the two Ugandan clubs on the continent.

Uganda and Burkina Faso will face off in March as the battle for qualification to the 2017 AFCON Finals continues with the two matches to be played in a space of three days.
This situation is already worrying the federation in terms of preparations where logistics are needed yet finances are not available.

‘We are struggling logistically but we shall do whatever we can within our means to put up a fight when these two games come up in March. We are in a very difficult situation financially. Our team will prepare under harsh conditions if Government does not come in with support like they did against Togo’ said FUFA President.

Magogo added ‘In the past two years, Government’s support towards Uganda Cranes has been immense and results were evident. We received support from Government for the games against Comoros, Mauritania and Guinea Bissau and the players picked up good results’ added Magogo.

Magogo who was flanked by Uganda Cranes coach Milutin Sredojevic, Spokesperson Ahmed Hussein, Competitions Director Ali Mwebe and Finance Director Decolas Kiiza said that government support is key for the Uganda Cranes.

The Togo game was like a rehearsal for the Burkina Faso game as results were achieved because we were well prepared an facilitated by Government. We need to do the same or better than that if we are to get positive results for the coming AFCON encounters against Burkin Faso’ further said the FUFA President.

‘If we repeat what we did against Togo We shall have achieved what we have failed since 1978’ added Magogo who broke the news to the media about the financial dilemma the Technical team and FUFA are going through currently to prepare for the two matches’.

The FUFA President added that the Burkina Faso game is the same environment, opposition and most likely the requirements as it was for the Togo game.
Uganda Cranes requires to charter a plane to Ouagadougou so as to fly back soon after the game for early preparations of the return game to be played on 29th March under floodlights at Mandela National stadium, Namboole.

FUFA Finance Director Decolas Kiiza (L) gave the financial details of the two games Uganda Cranes will play against Burkina Faso.

‘Traveling by public means is cumbersome for the National team putting in mind that there will be only 48hours to play away and return to Uganda. This puts the players under harsh playing conditions which will most likely affect their performance on the pitch. We cannot afford to charter plane for Cranes’ said the FUFA President

The FUFA Finance Director Kiiza revealed that the team requires USD 530,000 and another UGX100M to prepare for the Burkina Faso game.

Kiiza noted that ‘We have approached Government but we are yet to get response from them. Only Government can bail us out of this financial position we are in right now to get the best results from Uganda Cranes’

If the team fails to acquire support from Government, the players and officials will have no option to fly to West Africa and still fly back to Uganda on Monday afternoon of 28th March 2016 barely a few hours to the match the following day but their fitness levels will be affected by the long journey from Burkina Faso yet they will be expected to get results.

‘It will be very strange for our team to play in West Africa on Saturday while their opponents will use a chartered flight to fly to Uganda. In this scenario the visitor will instead wait for the host’ added Magogo.

Photo: FUFA President Eng.Moses Magogo (R) with Spokesperson Ahmed Hussein  during the weekly Press conference at FUFA House.

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