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Airtel FUFA Awards 2021: Coaches, Captains nominate candidates for Male and Female Footballer of the year

The nomination process for the 2021 Airtel-FUFA Male and Female footballer of the year is now open. The initial nomination process that started on 7th September and ends on 2nd October 2021 involves only the Head coaches and team captains of the StarTimes Uganda Premier League and FUFA Women Super League teams.

A head coach and captain are required to select separately their top five (5) choices of players the 2021 Airtel-FUFA Male and Female Footballer of the year.  

‘The 24th FUFA Executive Committee that met on 30th April 2021 approved the Airtel FUFA Awards to be organised on 4th December this year since there have been a good number of competitions played in the season’ noted Rogers Byamukama FUFA Chairman Marketing and Communications Committee.  

The full details of the event and other categories to be considered will be communicated on 13th October 2021 when the Awards are launched officially.

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