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All is set for the inaugural FUFA Women cup

Preparations for the inaugural FUFA Women cup are on a high gear.

Participation of all the 16 FUFA Women Elite Clubs in competition is mandatory.


FUFA opened the registration across the country for all the interested women football clubs and teams to take part in this maiden edition.

To be registered, a club / team shall fill and return the entry form to FUFA House with proof of payment of applicable to FUFA Bank Account.

Click here for the entry form form-a-fufa-womens-cup-entry


The FUFA Women Elite Clubs will each pay Ug.shs 100,000, regional league clubs shall pay Ug.shs 70,000 and non league clubs (teams) shall register with Ug.shs 150,000.

The FUFA Women Cup is scheduled to kick off on 21st January 2017 with the final slated for the 27th May 2017.

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