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Anti-Doping: FUFA to comply with FIFA anti-doping campaign next season

The use of unacceptable substances and drugs is such an escalating vice amongst sportsmen men world wide.

For that reason, many International sporting bodies   including the World Football governing body (FIFA) have come up with policies and campaigns to halt the use of these drugs amongst sports men.

In order to comply with the FIFA Anti-Doping campaign, the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) in partnership with the National Ant-Doping Organization  have launched a campaign to which will include several Anti-Doping activities in Uganda.

This was revealed at the FUFA weekly Press conference in Mengo by the FUFA Chief Executive Officer Edgar Watson accompanied by the FUFA Chairman Medical Committee Dr James Ssekajugo and the Chairman National Anti-Doping Organization Dr Robert Zavuga.

While addressing the media, the FUFA CEO stressed the need to step up on the activities towards anti-doping control.

“The anti-doping control methods that FUFA Has been using through the competitions are at the level which need to be stepped up and increase on the activities to be done starting next season” Watson noted.

For this case FUFA will involve the FUFA Medical Committee chaired by Dr James  Ssekajugo also a Member of CAF and FIFA medical committees.

Dr James Ssekajugo in reaction to the campaign said that his committee will work according to the rules and regulations of FIFA and CAF in relation to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

L-R: Dr. Robert Zavuga, Dr. James Ssekajugo, FUFA CEO, Edgar Watson and Bobkins Kibirige

He added that several steps need to be taken in the doping programme depending on the capacities available in the country .He went further and said that the easiest and most commonly applied activity is education but the ultimate is dop testing to prove that none of the players is using banned substances .

Dr Ssekajugo also expressed the need to partner with several bodies to so as to ensure the effectiveness of the programme and activities.

“We have partnered with the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) together with the Uganda Olympics Committee (UOC) to get the equipment and technically qualified persons to run the campaign “ Said Dr Ssekajugo .

The Chairman National Ant-Doping Organisation Dr Robert  Zavuga stressed the need for the anti-doping campaign in the country.

Dr Zavuga applauded the leadership at FUFA and The Uganda Premier league for taking a hard look into the mirror and taking will  do things right .

“The reason for anti doping activities is to make football more enjoyable by upholding and preserving the ethics of football by protecting the physical and mental health of players and ensuring equal and fair play “ Expressed Dr Zavuga .

He later stressed a collective responsibility to implement the world anti-doping code.

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