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Beach Soccer laws out

The Beach Soccer association has released a set of rules to govern the league as numbered below:

1. Each team consists of five players, including the goalkeeper. 5 Substitutes are named but the number of substitutions is unlimited and can happen at any time, regardless of the ball being in or out of play. The player who has been substituted can return to the pitch as a substitute to other player.

2. Athletes play barefoot or with a soft ankle protection. Shoes are not allowed.

3. Each match is divided in 3 periods of 12 minutes each with 3 minutes interval between each period. If the two teams are tied after regular time, a 3-minute extra time is played, without golden goal. If the draw remains, the teams play a penalty kick shootout to determine the winner.  The penalties are taken in sudden death mode: the first team to open a lead after the same number of attempts as its opponent will be declared the winner.

4. There are no draws in beach soccer. A win in extra time or penalty kick shootout awards two points, as opposed to the three points awarded by a win in regular time of 36 minutes divided into 3 halves of 12 minutes each.

5. Four referees control the match: two inside the pitch and a third one outside, controlling the teams benches and time keeper managing all clock stoppages and restart during the match.

6. There are no walls in beach soccer. All free kicks are direct. There is no offside. The same player who suffers the foul is the one who takes the free kick.

7. Player who receives a red card is not allowed to re-enter the match. His team may substitute him after a lapse of 2 minutes.

8. A goal clearance (goal kick in football) must be taken by the goalkeeper with his hands. Throw-ins may be taken either with the hands or the foot (if by foot its called a kick-in). A corner kick is always taken with the foot and a goal may be scored directly from a corner kick. The Pitch is rectangular measuring length/touch line 35-37m and width goal line 26-28m. Boundary lines are marked by blue tape. Four Red flags demarcate boundary corner flags and two in middle divides the pitch into two halves.  The four yellow flags demarcate the penalty area and stand 9m from goal line on the touch line.


All other lines demarcating half way of the pitch and penalty area are IMAGINARY. 

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