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BEACH SOCCER: Pepsi National league resumes


Pepsi Beach Soccer League Sunday fixtures March 2, 2014


Hurriken Group


MUBS v Mengo International


Makerere v Buwanika Bulls


Fisheries TI v St Lawrence


Zai Plaza v Nkumba Select


Makerere v Fisheries


Monsoon Group


Zaba SM v Real Galacticos


Kabalagala v Kira Young


Stomers v Richmond Strikers


KIU v Braza Braza


Kabalagala v KIU


The National Pepsi Beach Soccer League resumes at Lido beach in Entebbe tomorrow, Sunday 2, 2014 with 10 matches including two fixtures that were earlier postponed.


As the second round gets tougher by the day, Mengo International will want to build on their previous win as they confront MUBS BSC while Nkumba Select take on bottom of the table side Zai Plaza BSC in some of the highly anticipated matches of the Hurriken group.


MUBS and Nkumba Select clashed at the previous outing and the former succumbed to a 5-4 defeat their second loss in the league this season. The result propelled Nkumba to the top of the Hurriken group with 27points while hitherto leaders MUBS dropped to the second (24points).


And MUBS hopes are that 2013 MVP Brian Nkubi will rediscover his prolific scoring form and put them back on the winning course today.


Makerere University will honour matches against Fisheries Technical Institute BSC and Buwanika Bulls after they missed in the previous outing.


In the Monsoon group, KIU BSC will also face Braza Braza and Kabalagala Rangers after they skipped the previous visit to Lido Beach.


KIU will need to work extra hard and pick their third and fourth wins agains Braza Braza and bottomed Kabalagala Rangers BSC respectively on the Monsoon Group table to revive their competitiveness.


Second last KIU and bottomed Kabalagala Rangers BSC have so far managed dismal two wins each this season. In the previous outing Braza Braza lost 2-1 on penalty shootouts after normal time ended 2-2.


Results of the previous outing


Monsoon Group


Kira Young 4 Richmond Strikers 2


Zaba SM 2(2) Braza Braza 2(1)


Stomers 4 Real Galacticos 6


Hurikken Group


Zai Plaza 3 Buwanika Bulls 4


Mengo International 4(2) St Lawrence University 4(1)

MUBS 4 Nkumba Select 5

Photo: MUBS’ striker Brian Nkubi will lead his team’s attack against Mengo International on Sunday at Lido Beach

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