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Bobby explains Bryan Massa’s Exclusion

Bryan Massa in action
Bryan and Massa in a bus in Stockholm recently

Cranes Head coach Bobby Williamson has described Bryan Wabalayi Massa as a ‘skilled young star’ whose exclusion on the squad he named on Wednesday should not be misinterpreted as being an unwanted player.

Speaking to journalists at the federation headquarters on Wednesday, Bobby said he had watched Massa playing and appreciated his effort but needed time to play more games at home before he is invited for such crucial games involving widely experienced players on the continent.

“We don’t need to rush him and I assure you, he will be very vital for the team in the future”, Bobby explained. The Scott tactician was recently in Stockholm to monitor the performances of Massa and Martin Kayongo Mutumba. On return, Bobby cleared the federation to proceed with the process of securing a Ugandan Passport for Massa.

Bobby did not however rule out the possibility of more changes on the squad as need arises. “We cannot have everybody on the squad but we can effect a change where there is need”, he said.

Massa had no club until February when he joined Vasalund FC, a third Division club in Sweden.

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