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Buganda Region adopts new statutes

Buganda Region Football Association (BRFA) this Sunday afternoon created and adopted the new statutes to be used in football governance within their jurisdiction.

 The 21 delegates present kicked off the exercise with a resolution to constitute themselves into the first Buganda Regional General Assembly as a requirement under the new FUFA statutes.

FUFA senior Vice President in charge of Administration Eng. Moses Magogo was in attendance to guide the debate on behalf of the federation. The meeting took place at FUFA headquarters in Mengo. Below were some of the highlighted areas:

 1.     The geographical territory of jurisdiction of the region will include the 17 counties (Masaza) of Buganda Kingdom,( ie) Buvuma, Bugerere, Kyaggwe, Buruuli, Bulemeezi, Singo, Buwekula, Mawokota, Busiro, Gomba, Busujju, Butambaala, Buddu, Kabula, Mawogola, Ssese, Kooki and parts of Kyadoondo that are outside the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) demarcations.

 2.     BRFA shall have the Regional League clubs, players, women, youth, coaches and schools football associations as its ordinary members.

 3.     Bika Football Association (BFA) and Masaza Football Cup Organizing Committee (MCOC) were adopted as associate members of BRFA.

 4.     Each of the former four FUFA zones will have a delegate to the FUFA General Assembly but elected by BRFA assembly. The 5th delegate to be elected by all DFA representatives.

 5.     In a bid to separate powers, the assembly further resolved that:

 (i)                If a member is elected to the FUFA General Assembly, he automatically loses his administrative positions at the regional level if any.

(ii)             The BRFA Executive committee members shall not hold a delegate’s position at the Regional level as it has been in the past.

6. The delegates to the FUFA General Assembly shall under article 30 (2d) of these statutes be tasked to address the annual regional General assembly on their performances. This will help the regional assembly evaluate individual performances of the six delegates to the FUFA assembly.

7. BRFA shall only convene an extra-ordinary Regional General assembly if 50% of its members make such a request in writing.

8. BRFA executive committee shall be composed of only nine (9) members who will include the chairperson, 1st Vice Chairperson, 2nd Vice chairperson representing Regional League clubs, 4 members drawn from the four former FUFA zones, one representative of the interest groups and one woman.  

Meanwhile, the assembly echoed the need to split Buganda and create the second region, a move VP Moses Magogo said would have his personal support when brought before the next FUFA General Assembly. 

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