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CAF Club Licensing Regional Workshop gets underway in Kampala

CAF Club Licensing Workashop

22nd-26th April 2019

Sheraton Hotel Kampala

The CAF club Licensing Regional Workshop has kicked off  in Uganda at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala on Monday 22nd April 2019.

The workshop that has been divided into two groups, attracted 52 participants from 26 countries and will be organised from Monday to Friday 26th April 2019.

CAF Executive Committee Member and  the President of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Eng. Moses Magogo graced the opening ceremony.

FIFA Professional Football Adviser Middleby Robert David from Australia, CAF Instructors on Club Licensing  Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Mokhtar Harraz (Egypt), Sidat Muhammad Feizal  (Mozambique), Dasoberi Emmanuel Newton (Ghana), Bosilong Kabelo Keorapetse Hubert (South Africa) and Salihu Abubakar (Nigeria) are in charge of the workshop.

The workshop wil alos see Ugandan Club CEOs (in the Uganda Premier League) hold a session with the CAF Club Licesning Instructores. on Monday the Uganda Premier League CEO Bernard Bainamani and Head of Communications of the league Gordon Mundeyi attended the afternoon session.

L-R Harraz, Middleby, Kabelo and Sidat  sharing some notes befoire the CAF Club Licensing workshop got underway on Monday morning at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala

Eng. Magogo applauded CAF for giving Uganda the opportunity to host the workshop and was pleased with the way the continental soccer body is supporting federations.

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo making his remarks during the opening ceremony on Monday

‘It’ is a great opportunity to host such a function. Cub Licensing is a tool we understood way back in 2008. It’s a tool that we use to develop our football in the country and when we develop the clubs, automatically we are increasing on the human resource. If we have very powerful clubs we can surely have very powerful national teams. This is a tool that is going to push all of us on the continent and probably may drive the dream for Africa to win the World cup in feature’ said Eng. Moses Magogo

As FUFA we hope that in the near feature we shall be able to achieve our Vision through hosting such functions, learning and sharing ideas and we hope by 2026 our National team will play in the FIFA World Cup’ added Magogo 

‘If we are to develop Club football on the continent, Club Licensing is very important. It is a major priority in all the aspects of developing football. Uganda is one of the countries that is  doing very well in Club Licensing process. Hopefully we can see the benefits mainly at the continent in club football and National teams. The process takes time to show the results but when time comes great achievement will be noticed mainly in 2-3 years to come’ said Harraz 

CAF Instructor  Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Mokhtar Harraz speaking during the opening ceremony of the workshop

Club licensing helps federations and clubs to get proper administrative channels by employing qualified human resource with technical expertise in areas like finance, marketing, communications to help football move forward with delivery of the final product.

Proper infrastructure is an investment to a federation or club which helps to create a safe environment for players to train on daily basis and fans to come and enjoy football at good stadiums.

CAF Instructors will also be in position to guide clubs on how to keep financial records in a bid to improve transparency that leads to promotion of credibility and public trust especially the football stakeholders.

The legal criteria brings out the proper structures of the clubs in terms of ownership while the sporting criteria establishes any possible double ownership of clubs.

The workshop will also guide participants on how National federations can help clubs to come up with quality youth development programmes to feed the senior teams.

‘I’m privileged to be here on behalf of FIFA. Club licensing is a major pattern of developing football worldwide. Africa has world class players but the clubs have to provide the best with all what is required to achieve the best performance. It’ i a tool for developing football and I urge club managers and CEOs to attend to it. Federation members and clubs should use Club licensing to enhance football’  said Middleby Robert David

Middleby Robert David making his remark at the opening ceremony of the workshop

FUFA Club Licensing Chairman Rogers Byamukama who is also a participant in the workshop commended CAF for giving Uganda the opportunity to host the workshop. Byamukama is also the Chairman of the FUFA Club Licensing Committee.

‘It is a great opportunity for us to host the workshop here in Uganda. Our clubs are going to benefit a lot and the football fraternity. It is a milestone towards professional football in our country’  noted Byamukama

FUFA Marketing and Communications manager Rogers Byamukama participated in workshop

FUFA Club Licensing Manager Ivan Kintu Bayige confirmed that the workshop will provide expertise and awareness on the exercise. It is a step taken to develop club football in Uganda.

‘This is a very big chance to develop club football in our country. It will provides us information and expertise on hour to handle club licensing process.  It also provide awareness on the exercise. It is a step taken to develop club football in Uganda.


FUFA Club licensing Manager Ivan Kintu Bayige during the workshop

Summary: Objectives of the workshop are;

  • Provide Federations with an update on the club licensing system at the continental level
  • Receive a full update on the status of the club licensing system at National level
  • One on one meetings with Member Associations (MAs) in order to provide special attention and assist them with specific needs
  • Assist the MAs with near future planning, in order to have clubs ready before the deadline for engagement in the next CAF Inter Club competitions
  • Organize interaction group sessions between MAs to share best practices.

Countries attending the workshop are Botswana, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Uganda, Namibia, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Lesotho and Liberia.

Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The workshops have been organised in two groups. The first  group will cover two days (22nd and 23rd April) while the second group (25th and 26th Apil 2019).


MAIN PHOTO: Instructors, participants with FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo (holding ball)  in a group photo during the opening ceremony of CAF Club Licensing workshop at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala.