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Capacity Building: CAF C Diploma Coaching Course cleared

Upon undertaking situation analysis on entire coaching development system within the Confederation, the new CAF administration halted the organization of CAF Courses in member association to pave a way to a newly structured and regulated system under CAF Coaching Convention that will ensure top quality delivery of courses in terms of organization and content.

As CAF experts together with the CAF Football Development Directorate are still working around to finalize the CAF Coaching Convention to be made ready for Member Associations to sign in July, organisation of courses under transitional period has been given a go ahead.

The current CAF C Diploma approved is one of the 4 in total planned in this year 2019 by the Football Development Directorate of FUFA together with B Coaching Diploma expected before the year ends.

Confirming the development and update on the general status of CAF Coaching Diploma resumption, the FUFA Director of Football Development said “We are delighted to see the system is starting to open again with this approved CAF C due in July.

In a number of capacity building workshops organized by CAF mostly in Morocco (March 2018) and Cairo (January 2019), CAF has been updating us on development and new procedures for application, organization and running of its accredited Courses for Diplomas for PRO, A, B and C.

Guidelines were also given and are already being implemented for national D license (FUFA D License formerly FUFA Level I Coaching License).

This first course returning since July 2017 will be organized in partnership with Tangosport Uganda and will be held at FUFA Technical Centre Njeru”


DIPLOMA Total Hours Theory Practical Hours for Exams per Candidate Practical Field attachment
CAF C 120 48 72 3 15hrs



01 CAF C 13-26 Aug 2012
02 CAF C 22 Sept-05 Oct 2014
03 CAF C 27 July-09 Aug 2015
04 CAF C 10-23 April 2017
05 CAF C 08 -21 May 2017
06 CAF C 15-28 May 2017
07 CAF C 12-25 June 2017
08 CAF C 14-27 Aug 2017
01 CAF B 12-25 Jan 2015
02 CAF B (equivalent) 04-08 May 2016
03 CAF B 09-22 Jan 2017
04 CAF B 10-23 July 2017
01 CAF A (Equiv) 20-31 Jan 2015
02 CAF A 13-26 Jan 2016

Date of the course: 15th July 2019

Maximum number of participants: 30

Venue: FUFA Technical Njeru