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FUTSAL: The action packed in-door football brand

Saturday, 28th March 2015 will forever remain engraved on the activity rich calendar of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) and generally, the rich history laden script of Uganda’s football. On the day, the first ever futsal (indoor football) event with the full blessings of Federation of Uganda Football Associations

THE UNSUNG HERO: Meet Saidi Lugolobi, Uganda National Teams’ Kits Manager

Results for a successful football team will never and ever arise only from the field of play. The respective team preparatory methodology in terms of the physical training drills, strong mentality, right diety and nutrition, scouting and spying on opposition and the like always matter a lot. There are so many behind

Calmness is needed while implementing court orders

Court orders are meant to be followed. In most cases, court orders don’t target a particular group/individual but always affecting many of those associated to that project or person that it was served to. In the current situation where the top flight league-in this case the Azam Uganda Premier League can’t

OPINION: FUFA’s new logo

By Ahmed Hussein (FUFA Spokesperson ) FUFA is right to patent its logo Fake products including football equipment have dominated Ugandan market. Surprisingly football fans are happy to buy them. I know there have been efforts to curb the vice but some people are adamant and never mind about the efforts put

The Way Forward

There has been attempt by many analysts, scholars, academicians and commentators to diagnose the problems engulfing sport in this country or should I say football to be specific. I am sure everyone has heard enough of that. In the process we have discovered hard realities and I will attempt to

Njeru Technical centre to help develop grass root football

Over twenty years ago, the current location of the FUFA Technical Centre in Njeru was known to be a great hunting ground for the local residents. To testify this, Yozefu Muyita,71 one of the residents who turned up to watch the finals of the Presidential U16 Youth Cup said the area