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CECAFA sets tough rules a head of tourney kickoff

The Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA) has released a list rules and regulations that will govern this year’s edition of the Challenge Cup due to kick off in Nairobi on November 27. CECAFA Secretary General Nicholas Musonye says the rules are intended to have a peaceful and orderly tournament.

  • All member associations MUST pay an annual subscription fee of U$ 1500 before kickoff.
  • Team lists must have only 20 players and cannot be altered.
  • Shirt numbers will range between 1 and 20.
  • No player shall be allowed to use more than one shirt number during the tournament.
  • Teams eliminated in the preliminary stages will be required to leave within the next 24 hours unless there are absolutely no flight connections.
  • Pre-match meetings will be held at 10:00am one day before the match.
  • Starting line-ups must be confirmed to the CECAFA secretariat at least two hours before kickoff time.
  • Teams must be at the stadium at least one hour before kickoff time.
  • Each team is allowed a total of 25 people inclusive of players and officials.
  • U$ 50 for any appeal complaint lodged.
  • Such protests must be submitted to CECAFA at least three hours after the game.


  • U$ 200 for every team failing to register its players on time.
  • U $ 100 for teams failing to honour the pre/post-match interviews.
  • U$ 50 for lateness to pre-match meetings.
  • U$ 50 will be a fine for teams reporting late to stadium.
  • U$ 50 for teams reporting to pre-match meetings without captains.
  • U$ 50 for teams reporting for pre match meetings without uniforms.
  • U$ 50 for a player who fails to produce a passport.
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