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CECAFA U18 Boys: Uganda vs Tanzania Match Preview

As the CECAFA U18 Boys Championship unfolds, an exciting encounter awaits as Uganda prepares to lock horns with Tanzania. Despite having crossed paths in different age categories, this tournament marks the first time these two sides meet in the U18 category, promising an intriguing battle on the field.

While previous encounters in different age divisions have set the stage for intense rivalries, this matchup in the U18 category carries its own aura of novelty and unpredictability. Both Uganda and Tanzania have showcased their football prowess in such regional tournaments, fostering a competitive environment that adds to the allure of this impending clash.

The Ugandan U18 squad, under the guidance of their astute coaching staff led by Morley Byekwaso, has diligently honed their skills and tactics in preparation for this crucial fixture with last training held today afternoon at Kakamega High School. The team’s strategic approach and focus on player development have set the stage for an intense display of talent and determination on matchday.

My boys are ready to compete, we just need to tell them how to play at this level and relax them off pressure. With this they understand what to do to get positive results.

Morley Byekwaso, Head Coach

As with any high-stakes encounter, challenges loom on the horizon. Both sides will face the test of nerves and composure, striving to convert opportunities while shoring up their defences against the opposition’s attacking threats.

The only problem might be not knowing the opponents well since we’ve not interfaced in this age category-U18, but we have for several times met in other categories. We shall insist on playing the way we’ve been training.

Morley Byekwaso, Head Coach

As the countdown to this much-anticipated encounter continues, the Uganda vs. Tanzania showdown in the CECAFA U18 Boys Championship stands poised to captivate audiences and offer a glimpse into the future of CECAFA region football talent. The stage is set for an enthralling battle where skill, strategy, and raw passion collide in a bid for victory.

The match will be played tomorrow Sunday 26th November 2023 at Bhukungu Stadium in Kakamega, Kenya at 3:00pm and will be aired live on KBC TV and YouTube.

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