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CECAFA U15 Boys Final: Clash of Unbeaten Teams – Uganda vs. Zanzibar

In what promises to be a thrilling culmination to an electrifying tournament, the Uganda U15 boys’ national team is set to square off against the Zanzibar U15 national team in the much-anticipated final of the CECAFA U15 Boys Championship on Thursday, 16th November 2023, at 3:30 pm at the FUFA Technical Center-Njeru.

Both teams have displayed remarkable prowess, marching through the group stages without a single loss or concession of a goal. Three games each, three victories, and airtight defenses have solidified their journey to the summit clash, showcasing not just skill but also an unwavering determination to claim the coveted championship.

Uganda’s Path to the Final

Led by a cohesive unit of talented youngsters, the Uganda U15 team has exhibited a blend of tactical discipline and individual brilliance. The Uganda Rhinos kickstarted their voyage with a 15-0 win against Djibouti, beat South Sudan 3-0 and Ethiopia 4-0 to storm the semifinal where they conceded the first goal but won against Tanzania 2-1 in a thrilling encounter.

Zanzibar’s Rise to the Final

Meanwhile, Zanzibar’s journey has been equally commendable. The U15 squad from the islands has showcased resilience and tenacity, navigating through their group matches with remarkable ease. Their defensive strength, coupled with quick counter-attacks, has been a recipe for success. Zanzibar beat Rwanda 3-0, Somalia 4-0, and neighbors Tanzania 2-0 in the group stages, drew 1-1 with stubborn South Sudan in the semifinal, whom they later eliminated 4-2 in spot kicks.

The Final Showdown

As these two undefeated titans clash in the final, anticipation runs high for a thrilling encounter as solid defense meets sharp strikers. Uganda has the top scorer contender Enock Bagenda lying only 2 goals behind South Sudan’s Lazarus Peter George Laku, who currently boasts at the top with 8 goals.

“We will change our tactics used in the semifinal to fit the new opponent – Zanzibar because they have a different playing style,” commented Hamza Lutalo- U15 National Team Head coach during the prematch press conference.

“They have a solid defense but we also have a sharp striking line to penetrate them as we fight to defend our title.”

The clash promises not only a battle for the trophy but also a showcase of raw talent, skill, and the indomitable spirit of young footballers from East Africa. Will Uganda’s attacking prowess break through Zanzibar’s solid defense, or will Zanzibar’s resilience thwart Uganda’s ambitions?

The final promises to be a spectacle, where every pass, tackle, and shot will reverberate the aspirations of these young talents. The CECAFA U15 Boys Championship final is dignified to be an exhibition of pure footballing artistry, where the outcome will be decided by moments of brilliance, resilience under pressure, and the undying passion for the beautiful game.

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