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Clarification on Today’s Media reports

In today’s Bukedde Newspaper, its back page carries a headline Magogo Bamuloopye. However the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) would like to clarify as follows in regard to the story;
• FUFA has not received any communication from the member of Executive Committee quoted in the story run by Bukedde Newspaper.
• FUFA has open systems and official fora to accommodate any dissent or discontent by a member or official. This includes the FUFA Executive Committee meetings, The General Assembly and the Disciplinary Committee. It is therefore improper and inconsistent with FUFA, CAF, FIFA statutes for any member or official to opt for the channels reported without utilising those provided in the Statutes.
• The FUFA Executive Committee has held 8 meetings in the last 24 months since 31st August, 2013 when Eng. Moses Magogo was elected President of FUFA and passed decisions. This has included at least one Executive Committee meeting every three months where Madam Mariam Kaliga Nakulima has not missed any.
• A number of Emergency Executive Committee meetings as provided for in the FUFA statutes have also been held. It is therefore not true that the FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo does not consult members of the Executive.
• There is no employee or service provider to FUFA that is related to President of FUFA Eng. Moses Magogo.
• PearlSporto where the President is a Director has been mentioned in the story but has never conducted any business for or on behalf of FUFA since Eng. Moses Magogo became President of FUFA.
• It is also not true that FUFA sold matches to Balaam or any other agents. For the record, event management companies were hired to organise matches at a fee. Since this innovation was undertaken, there has been improved access to the stadium by fans and more revenue than before has been generated.
• The appointment of Independent Auditors for FUFA is done in accordance with the FUFA Statutes. Only the General Assembly approves and appoints the Auditors following a proposal by the Executive.
At the 89th FUFA Ordinary General Assembly in Jinja, Team and Company who had audited FUFA Accounts for more than (10) years communicated their intention not to continue. BAFCON were appointed by the 89th FUFA Ordinary General Assembly but the Executive discovered that it was not dully registered.
• At the 5th FUFA Executive Committee meeting held on 21st October 2014 that Madam Mariam Kaliga Nakulima attended it was the decision of the Executive Committee to present KAL Associates as the auditors to the General Assembly. At the 90th FUFA Ordinary Assembly in Lira, the Executive Committee proposed KAL Associates and the General Assembly appointed the KAL Associates as the auditors for the 2013/2014 Financial period. It is therefore incorrect that KAL Associates were not properly appointed.
• If indeed this is true and was reported to various institutions, FUFA will abide by the rules governing the country.
Finally, FUFA is set to hold its 91st Ordinary General Assembly at Soroti Hotel on the 26th – 27th September 2015. The convocation (matters to be discussed) was sent out to all members on 26th August 2015 as provided for in the statutes.

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