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Club Licensing: FUFA conducts successful orientation for second division clubs

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has held a day long orientation program for the second division clubs (StarTimes FUFA Big League) at Jevine Hotel in Rubaga, Kampala on Friday, August 13, 2021.

Officials from all the clubs were represented in the actively interactive session meant to help clubs prepare ahead of the 2021-2022 season.

The orientation programme was presided over by FUFA Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Football Decolas Kiiza Hantali, FUFA club licensing manager Ivan Kintu Bayige, Samuel Mpiima (Vice chairman FUFA Club licensing committee), FUFA Competitions Director Aisha Nalule, FUFA Deputy CEO (Services) Humphrey Mandu Watenga, FUFA Executive Committee member Hamid Juma, Uganda Premier League (UPL) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bernard Bainamani and Ahmed Hussein (FUFA Communications Director).

Others in attendance included officials from the FUFA competitions department and Andrew Lule (Uganda Football Players’ Association).

FUFA Executive Committee member Hamid Juma and UPL Chief Executive Officer Bernard Bainamani

Kiiza retaliated the essence of club licensing which is envisaged to professionalize the clubs, enable proper planning administratively, technically and financially.

‘Club licensing was initiated by FUFA as one of the means to create a professional environment for the operation of clubs as we achieve the target of professionalizing the game in Uganda in rhyme with FUFA’s vision of being the best footballing country in Africa on and off the field of game’ Kiiza disclosed.

Decolas Kiiza Hantali, FUFA Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – General Services

Bayige further reaffirmed that the FUFA Club licensing tool is a living process that should be respected to the dot.

 ‘FUFA Club Licensing is a living process. This is a well curtailed process to help the clubs plan appropriately. For instance, clubs can prepare their own players than buying players.’ Bayige said.

Ivan Kintu Bayige, the FUFA Club Licensing Manager

FUFA communications director Hussein taught about branding, communications and marketing.

Hussein remarked the modes of communications for clubs (internal and external) as regards strict given timelines in respect for the club code of conduct.

‘We communicate about the game to give its positive image in a bid to lure potential sponsors and preach the solidarity of the sport. Clubs should communicate in line with the FUFA Communications Code (available on the FUFA Website)’ Hussein remarked.

FUFA Communications Director Ahmed Hussein with his presentation
Ahmed Hussein with a demonstration about communication

Samuel Mpiima took the club representatives through the entire tedious process of going through the club licensing process with all the club must have’s before been licensed as updated books of accounts, sporting requirements (coaches, players, contracts and the like).

Mpiima also tasked the club representatives to engage their respective club executives.

Samuel Mpiima, FUFA Club Licensing committee vice chairman with his presentation

‘You have acquired the knowledge about club licensing. Please go back and engage your club executives before the club licensing process is executed’ Mpiima noted.

FUFA Deputy CEO – Football Mandu presented about the security and safety prior to, during and after football competitions.

Humphrey Mandu Watenga, FUFA Deputy CEO – Football and a CAF Security officer presented about security and safety

‘Clubs are encouraged to have safety and safety officers. As FUFA, we are tasked to train such officers and football stewards that are very pertinent in ensuring order’ Mandu remarked.

Paul Mukembo, Busoga United Chief Executive Officer appealed for the inclusion of the clubs in the lower divisions below the FUFA Big League.

‘I humbly request FUFA that clubs in the lower division should also be included in the entire club licensing process’ Mukembo stated.

‘Things have changed like times back when I had just joined football. All this is attributed to the club licensing process. Continue engaging the clubs where problems arise.’ Fred Saddam Mugaru, Nyamityobora FC CEO remarked.

 ‘Professional coaches, players and administrators. Periodic reports from club officials about the finances’ Shila Nakaggwa.

Hajjati Aisha Nalule, FUFA Competitions Director
Sarah Birungi, a member of FUFA Competitions Department

Some of the key concerns deliberated upon entailed the recovery process from the COVID-19 pandemic, issue of settlement fees (sign-on for players and officials), communication and marketing, among others.

The 2021 StarTimes FUFA Big League will officially wind down in the coming five days at the FUFA Technical Center, Njeru (without fans).

These will have the promotional play offs involving Nyamityobora, Blacks Power, Gaddafi and Proline to determine the third club that will get promoted to the StarTimes Uganda Premier League alongside Arua Hill and Tooro United.

The championship final will be played between Tooro United (Rwenzori group) and Arua Hill (Elgon Group).

L-R: Ivan Kintu Bayige, David Nyonyintono and Shilla Nakaggwa
Gaddafi FC Chairperson Edrine Ochieng and club officer Emmanuel Ndugga during the workshop

Attendance List

Tony Anthony Afeti (Arua Hill), Edrine Ochieng (Gaddafi), Paul Mukembo (Gaddafi), Owek. Enganjani Michael Wandera (Tooro United), Immaculate Ahimisibwe (Nyamityobora), Emmanuel Ndugga (Gaddafi), Andrew Lule (Uganda Football Players’ Association),  Hasheemu Mwesige (FUFA Club licensing committee member), Rayyan Sayyd (Tooro United), Hajjati Aisha Nalule (FUFA Competitions Director), Samuel Mpiima (Vice Chairman FUFA Club Licensing), Corneiisu Okiror (Head of finance, Blacks Power)

L-R: Immaculate Ahimisibwe (Nyamityobora) and Rayyan Sayyd (Tooro United)
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