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Club Licensing: FUFA Organises Orientation workshop for promoted clubs

The three (3) newly promoted clubs from the FUFA Big League to the Azam Uganda Premier League have undergone orientation on Club licensing at FUFA House on Wednesday morning ahead of next season.

Maroons FC, Masavu FC and Mbarara City are the club that attended the exercise conducted by the FUFA Club Licensing Manager Ivan Kintu Bayige, FUFA Club Licensing Committee members Issa Magoola and Bernard Bainamani together with FUFA Competitions Department members.

‘Club Licensing is not a punishment or a way of harassing clubs. The exercise is done so that the clubs can have a clear view on what to expect in the top league as per FUFA’s requirements’ said Bayige.

FUFA Deputy CEO Humphrey Mandu congratulated the clubs upon their qualification to the Azam Uganda Premier League.

‘FUFA President congratulates you for attaining the highest ranks in Ugandan football. Playing in the top flight is a dream for any football player in Uganda. It opens up your chances of being spotted by football scouts and Intermediaries’ said Mandu.

Attentive class during the orientation workshop at FUFA House for the newly promoted clubs to teh Azam Uganda Premier League

‘Club Licensing breeds highest levels of organization. The clubs that have followed the system have gone on to get results’ added Mandu.

The club representatives who attended the orientation workshop are; Jongo Edward (Masavu FC), Ggayi Allan (Masavu FC), Oguda Innocent (Maroons CEO), Mutaka Seka (Mbarara City Vice Chairman), Byamukama Julius (Mbarara City).

What’s involved in FUFA club Licensing process?

  • Inspection of the clubs’ premises-offices, training ground, playing ground
  • Clubs provide documentation indicating ownership and structures
  • Clubs provide books of accounts indicating income and expenditure
  • Clubs provide estimated budget to be followed for upcoming seasons
  • Mandatory for all clubs in the Azam Uganda Premier League to have an U-17 team
  • Club legal status
  • Players’ contracts

MAIN PHOTO: Orientation workshop at FUFA House for the newly promoted clubs from the FUFA Big League 2016/17 season to the Zam Uganda Premier League


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