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Commission of Inquiry into football officiation applauds referee Nabadda

Thursday, 14th June 2018

Ivy’s Hotel, Wakaliga

The Commission of Inquiry into Football Officiation has heard no kind word about match officials apart from M/s Shamilah Nabada.
The majority of Uganda Premier League clubs testified that the new bread of referees were more impartial, singling out Nabada as particularly outstanding.

The 23-year-old Nabadda who switched from a player to a referee in 2014, already dons a FIFA badge. She turned in an impressive performance when she was in charge of the South Africa vs Lesotho match recently.

She acknowledged that the atmosphere at big games may intimidate referees but she sticks to the rules of the game. Nabadda deliberately makes it difficult for people to even consider compromising her by maintaining a no nonsense approach to work.

The Commission headed by Rt.Hon. Dan Kideda counselled Nabada to remain focussed in an environment of people with questionable integrity.
FUFA Referees Manager Samuel Egessa, who made a second appearance, revealed that they were gradually phasing out old referees from the Juniors League as the Referees Development Programme gains ground.

Egessa cited inadequate security, referees turning down matches and integrity of some individuals as some of the challenges affecting officiation.
The commission resumes on Monday, 18th June.

Hon. Kidega appealed to stakeholders and any person willing to share information away from IVY’s Hotel where the commission sits to contact us by WhatsApp/Text on ±256757172863 Email:

MAIN PHOTO: Referee Shamilah Nabadda appearing before the Commission of inquiry into football at Ivy’s Hotel on Thursday 14th June 2018.

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