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Decision on transfer of Joseph Mpande

The Adjudicatory Chamber of the FUFA Ethics and Integrity Committee chaired by Mr Byansi  William has banned Mr Haruna Kyobe- former Secretary and Transfer Matching System Manager of Vipers SC for 16 months from all football-related activities (administrative, sports or any other). The ban comes into force immediately.

Mr. Kyobe will serve 12 months for involving in an illegal transfer of a player and a further 4 months for breach of duty of cooperation with the Ethics and Integrity Committee. The ban will be served consecutively.

The investigation against Mr. Kyobe was conducted by the FUFA Investigatory chamber of the Ethics and Integrity Committee, following allegations of potential misconduct related to the transfer of Vipers SC Player Mpande Joseph Mbolimbo.

During the course of the investigations, it was found out that Mr. Kyobe was a key person in the falsification of documents, forgery of a signature and illegally transferred the player contracted at Vipers SC to Horizon FC of Myanmar contrary to article 7 of the FUFA Statute, Article 14 Para 1 and 3, Article 18 of the FUFA Code Of Ethics and Article 135 of FUFA disciplinary Code.

The investigation resulted in a final report that was submitted to the Adjudicatory chamber.

However Mr. Tadius Kitandwe and Mr. Ssemanda Richard do not have any case to answer as the investigations couldn’t establish any evidence of their involvement in the forgery of the documents in the illegal transfer of Mpande.

Further to note the Adjudicatory Chamber of the FUFA Ethics and Integrity Committee doesn’t have the powers to determine any case against Mr. Mpande. Only FIFA has such jurisdiction.

Mr. Kyobe has 10 days to apply for the full reasoned judgment passed by the Committee.

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