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Article 22 of the FUFA Statutes: Delegates and Votes

1) The General Assembly is composed of 88 delegates. The number of delegates is allocated as follows:

Click here FUFA DELEGATES – 2017-2021 

Click  here: FUFA DELEGATES 2013-2017

Note: Some delegates are missing but their positions will be filled after by-elections are held.

a) For each of the 16 FUFA 1st Division League Clubs: 1 delegate per club (16);

b) For the FUFA 2nd Division League: 8 delegates ( 8)

c) For each of the 8 Regional Football Associations: 5 delegates per Regional Football Association (40)

d) For the FUFA 3rd Division League: 1 delegate from each region (8)

e) For the Uganda Football Players Association: 2 delegates

f) For the Uganda Women Football Association: 2 delegates
g) For the Uganda Football Coaches Association: 2 delegates

h) For the Uganda Football Referees Association: 3 delegates where 1 must be a woman

i) For the Uganda Beach-Soccer Association: 2 delegates

j) For the Uganda Schools Football Association: 2 delegates

k) For the Uganda Youth Football Association: 2 delegates

l) For the FUFA Women Elite League Clubs: 1 delegate

2) Delegates must belong to the Member that they represent and be appointed or elected by the appropriate body of that Member. They must also be able to produce evidence of this upon request.

3) ONLY, the Chairman and in absence ONLY the Club CEO of a FUFA 1st Division League Club may represent the club as a Delegate at the FUFA General Assembly. For avoidance of doubt, the chairman shall mean the highest decision making person of the body elected/appointed by the club owner

4) The Delegates to General Assembly representing the FUFA Women Elite League, 2nd and 3rd FUFA Division Leagues shall ONLY continue to represent their respective Leagues to the FUFA General Assembly for the period their respective clubs are playing in the respective League

5) There will be an annual election for positions of the delegates of the FUFA Women Elite, 2nd and 3rd Division Leagues that become vacant by provisions of these statutes. These elections will always take place before the 31st August.

6) Each delegate of the same category of Member has an equal number of votes in the General Assembly. Only the delegates present are entitled to vote. Voting by proxy or by letter is not permitted.

7) The Executive Committee and the Chief Executive Officer shall take part in the General Assembly without voting rights. During their terms of office, members of the Executive Committee may not be appointed as delegates for their association.

8) The President shall conduct the General Assembly business in compliance with the Standing Orders of the FUFA General Assembly

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