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Details: Why Referee Madanda was suspended

Circumstances of the case handled by the FUFA Referees Disciplinary Panel

Upon receipt of the Match reports and upon review of the recorded match video of the 2021/22 Uganda Premier League Match (Match # 101) Onduparaka FC Vs KCCA FC played on 27th December 2021 at Green light stadium, the recorded match video was forwarded to the Referees Technical Panel which provided an expert opinion on the decision rendered by the Centre referee Ronald Madanda.

The recorded match videos and related reports were forwarded to the Centre referee and first assistant Kalule Michael and both officials were given an opportunity to be heard.

Evidence Considered

  1. The Referees Technical & Development Panel made the following observations:

(Panel: Katabira David, Adipo Catherine & Shaban Mohammad Ndawula)

Incident-1 (45th Penalty awarded to Onduparaka (Green/White):

  1. The ball touched the KCCA FC(Yellow/Blue) player’s body(stomach)
  2. The Referees’ positioning, movement and reading of the game was poor
  3. There was no foul warranting a penalty

Incident-2 (90+ 7 Penalty awarded to KCCA FC (Yellow/Blue):

  1. There was body contact (holding and pushing) by the Onduparaka FC’s player (Defender) against the KCCA FC’s player (Attacker) inside the 18-yard box despite the simulation of innocence by the Onduparaka FC player.
  2. The Referee was poorly positioned due to his poor movement(s) and game reading. He is seen arriving late from a distance(far) when a KCCA FC player is already fouled on the ground.
  3. The Referee made a correct call for a Penalty as there was a foul.

Centre Referee Madanda Ronald: Upon review of the video and to his own admission, the Centre referee Mr. Madanda Ronald accepted to have wrongly awarded the home team Onduparaka FC a penalty at the 45th Minute.

The 1st Assistant Referee Mr. Kalule Michael

To his own admission, he did not have an input in the award of the 45th minute penalty and that if he was the Centre Referee, he would not have awarded such a penalty. He also accepted to have alerted the Centre Referee for the 90+ 7th minute penalty as to him it was indeed a penalty


Upon critical analysis of the evidence, assessors report, video recordings, opinion of the FUFA Referees technical panel and the statements from the centre referees and first assistant referee, the referees disciplinary Panel observed the following findings: – 

  1. That the Centre Referee Mr Madanda Ronald severally failed to correctly interpret and apply the FIFA Laws of the Game and consequently did not officiate the match to the minimum standards required and expected from the FIFA Referee.
  2. The incorrect decisions of Mr. Madanda Ronald had an impact on the sporting results of the match.


Accordingly, as a corrective measure, the Referees Disciplinary Panel found that the Centre Referee Mr. Madanda Ronald failed to justify the poor officiation which gravely affected match number 101 and he is hereby sanctioned with: –

  1. A suspension from officiating football at all levels until 30th June 2022 for unjustified poor officiation, the suspension comes into force immediately.
  2. The matter is further forwarded to the Investigation Chamber of the Ethics Committee to further investigate whether the incorrect decisions of Mr Madanda Ronald in Match # 101 were intended to influence the results of the and be dealt in accordance with the FUFA Ethics Code.
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