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FAMACO II: Second Edition Officially Launched at Jevine Hotel, Kampala

The second edition of FAMACO II targeting Club CEOs of UPL and FWSL as well as regional Football Association General secretaries, officially opened at Jevine Hotel, Kampala.

The FAMACO II has been designed with the intention of enhancing participants’ knowledge and abilities in football leadership and management. It specifically focuses on strengthening and refining the soft and hard skills needed to succeed in an influential role in the football industry.

The 400-hour programme commenced on the 14th of August 2024, featuring three weeks of face-to-face classes. This design ensures an accessible and interactive learning experience for all participants, with the goal of developing their skills and knowledge in management and leadership. The programme also encompasses fieldwork modules dedicated to project conceptualisation, planning and presentation, negotiation skills, and leadership.

In attendance were Justus Mugisha the First Vice President & Ronnie Kalema the Executive Secretary in charge of Football Development.

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