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FANS’ SAFETY: Buikwe Stadium cleared to host games again

FUFA has lifted the indefinite ban on Buikwe stadium the home Vipers SC.

The federation’s vice president in charge of the league Mujib Kasule announced the decision at the weekly press conference at FUFA House in Mengo today.

But Vipers fan Fred Kitaka, who was accused to taking centre stage during the bloody clash between Vipers and SC Villa fans that led to the suspension is still banned.

He is not allowed to take part in any Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) activities for five years.

“I visited the stadium with the licensing board and got convinced that a lot of changes meant to avoid what happened then have been made. It is only fair to give Vipers a chance to host their games there again,” Kasule announced.

The decision means Vipers will host their Super League match with Express in Buikwe on Friday.

Kasule noted that the club has at constructed a VIP section, upgraded their dressing rooms, and separated wings for the home and visiting fans and erection of a better perimeter fence to control violence among other reasons.

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