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FIFA Administration Course closes in Njeru

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo has commended FIFA for the series of courses advanced to Uganda saying that these will be instrumental in guiding the country to a number of achievements that may even include qualification for major events like World Cup.

Magogo was speaking at the closure of a one week administration course at Njeru Technical Centre on Friday. “We can qualify for major tournaments like Fifa world cup if we continue empowering our stakeholders with relevant knowledge and information.” said the FA President. A total of 26 participants attended the course, six of whom were females.

Magogo further emphasized that such courses would also help in solving problems of politics within the game of football. “In most instances people who politicize the game are those who don’t know the laws of the game. But with such courses we shall gradually change their attitudes.” Magogo added.

He promised to change the face of football in Uganda by using the available resources. “In my term of office, I want to capacity-build human resource so that we deal with the right people in different areas related to football management and administration” he further pointed out.

FIFA Instructor Kennedy Kebele, 44 from Zimbabwe conducted the Course.

Participants included: Alex Luganda (Legal Committee), Joseph Mutaka (Cranes Media Officer), Axam Senkayi (FSL Board Member), Ssali Paul Mukisa(Coaches Association), Dominic Muloba (Chairperson Fufa Big League), Ojok Geofrey Odur (Chairman Disciplinary Committee), Efrance Nanjego (Chairperson Women Association), Janet Makubuya (Excom Member Eastern region), Sejengo Sulaiman (C/man Buganda Region), David K. Mukidi (C/Man Northern Region) and David Davis Katabira (C/man UFRA).

Others were Nyanzi Rashid (Mutundwe Lion FC), Sumaya Hood (Personnal Assistant to President), Nalunga Sharon (Fufa secretariat),Wasukira Malik (C/man Schools), Magambo Abed Tom (Gen. Sec Eastern Region ) Ariga Rasoul (Fufa Excom Member) Nambi Loida (C/Person Women Buganda) and Mugena Agnes (North Eastern Region representative).

(Story filed by Cranes Media Officer Joseph Mutaka)


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