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FIFA-FUFA Planning & Strategic workshop continues with day 3 deliberations

The on-going FIFA-FUFA planning and strategic workshop at Kuku Hall of Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala continued successfully on the third day.

Participants attending the workshop are FUFA Executive committee members, FUFA Heads of Department, players and referee representatives, Government officials, Uganda Premier league officials, club officials and other stake holders.

Group 1: ‘Strikers’ led by FUFA CEO Edgar Watson in a deep discussion before their presentation during the workshop that closes tomorrow.

Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) instructor Edmund Coan, from the United Kingdom is joined by two other FIFA officials (Patrick Onyango and Govinden Thondoo) in facilitating the four day’s workshop.

Day three centered on areas of development of strategic goals, creation of strategic goals, group sessions (discussing strategic goals) and introduction of objectives vis-a-vis goals.

Group 2 ‘Intellectuals’ led by 2nd FUFA VP Darius Mugoye (L) planning the next move on development of football in Uganda.

The final day’s work will be wrapped up on Thursday.

The media has been therefore invited to cover the closing ceremony at 10 a.m on Thursday – KUKU Hall, Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala.

FUFA President, Eng. Moses Magogo with Executive Committee member Dr. Bernard Patrick Ogwel (L)
FIFA officials Deputy Development Officer Eastern and Southern Africa Patrick Onyango(L) and Technical Development officer Govinden Thondoo share ideas during the workshop at Grand Imperial
Day three kicked off with a minute of silence for Former Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) President Joao Havelange who died on Tuesday at the age of 100 years in Rio De Janiero
The FIFA -FUFA Planning and Strategic Workshop Coordinator, Edgar Suubi Watson smiles during presentation while stressing a point.

MAIN PHOTO: Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) instructor Edmund Coan illustrates during one of the sessions on day four of the FIFA-FUFA planning and strategic workshop.

PHOTO CREDITS: FUFA Communications Department

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