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FIFA Women’s Football Campaign to be launched in West Nile

Women Football is a top priority for FIFA and the World football governing body has over the years made several interventions to accelerate growth and development of the game.

The latest intervention is the FIFA Women’s Football Campaign which Uganda will partake of.

The Campaign is introduced by FIFA to its Member Associations as an initiative to promote the game, create awareness and empower girls through football in a friendly and safe environment.

The project is identified to promote fair play, team work, hard work , competition and fun with the intention of inspiring young girls to dream big and reach their potentials on and off the pitch.

In Uganda, the campaign will be launched in West Nile between 31st March to 3rd April in the districts of Maracha, Yumbe and Koboko.

FIFA Women Football Expert Violet Jubane will arrive in Uganda on Thursday and travel to West Nile to officially launch the Campaign.

FIFA Women Football expert Violet Jubane.

The project targets girls under the age of 13 (360 girls, 120 from each district) and also offers grassroot coaching education to games teachers from 30 schools across the three districts.

There will be a one-day workshop held at Koboko Town Hall on 31st March where football equipment including bibs, balls and jerseys will be given out to the earmarked schools.

The key objectives of the Campaign include;

  • Attracting young girls and instill the desire to play and stay in the game.
  • Partnering with different stake holders to promote women football.
  • Creating awareness of women football in the different parts of the country.
  • Helping to raise awareness and willingness to play football in the region.
  • Acting as a feeder to the FUFA Primary School Competitions and the Pan African Schools Championship.

Since the start of the Women Football League in Uganda in 2015, FIFA has extended different programmes including FIFA Live Your Goal, FIFA Women Football Club Licensing Programme and FIFA League Development Programme among others.

Breakdown of the Schools

Yumbe District

Geya Primary School, Lomunga Primary School, Mengo Primary School, Aringa Primary School, Apo Army Primary School, Eleke Primary School, Hope Primary School, Kuru Islamic Primary School, Odropi Primary School

Koboko District
Apa Primary School, Nyai Primary School, Teremunga Primary School, Arinduwe Primary School, Leiko Primary School, Longira Primary School, Nyai Primary School, Mindrabe Primary School, Arinduwa Primary School, Nyambiri School

Maracha District
Azipi Primary School, Paranga Primary School, Robu Primary School, Kololo Primary School, Midria Primary School, Maracha Primary School, Cubiri Primary School, Nyoro Primary School, Ambekwa Primary School, Ombia Bura Primary School

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