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DAY 1: Development of women’s football (WF)


– Current status and potential of women’s football

– Activities organised by the government focusing on women’s sports

– Women’s football strategy and development

– Grassroots football development programmes

– National teams, coaches, players and referees

– Impact of women’s football on social and educational development programmes.
09.00 Opening – Promotional Video

• Opening comments by FUFA President, Eng Moses Magogo

• Opening comments by FIFA, Development Office

• Opening comments by government representative – Hon. Minister Charles Bakabulindi

10.00-10.30 –  Coffee break and group photo

10:30– 10:50 – Introduction to the seminar: objectives & goals

• Programme

• Administrative matters

• Introduction of al participants

10:50 – 11:30 – Promotional Video

FIFA’s presentation focusing on women’s football development, promotion and competitions FIFA & FIFA Instructor

11:30 – 12:00

Member Association presentation

• WF development plan – general

• WF technical development – education of coaches, referees and administrators

• WF national competition development Chairperson FUFA Women’s Football committee-Ms Mariam Kaliga

Technical Director Lubowa Asuman

12:00-12:20 –  Presentation by a government representative Mr.  David Katende-National Council of Sports (NCS).

12:20 – 12:40- Presentation by a FIFA on Live Your Goals FIFA

12:40 – 13:10-  Presentation by the NOC Sharifa Sanyu- UOC

13:10 – 13:25- Presentation by NGOs Millicent Mugabi of British Council

13.25-14.00 -Lunch

14:00 – 14:15 –  Presentation by SOS Children’s Village NGO –Norman Kitara

Introduction to working groups Instructors

15.00-15.30 – Coffee break

Presentations by working groups Group leaders

Summary and conclusions of the day

DAY 2: Women’s football and the media


– The role of the media in women’s football and creating a positive image of the women’s game

– Role of the football association, the clubs, coaches and players in promoting women’s football

– Need for the media to promote women’s football through their channels

– Communication strategy

– Suggestions for promoting women’s football in the media

Day Two:
09.00 • Wrap-up of Day 1

• Introduction to Day 2, media & communication FIFA

09.20 FIFA’s presentation on communication and how to promote women’s football FIFA instructor

10.00 – Coffee break

10.30 -WF – communication case study (TBC)

11.00 -Member Association presentation on communication

• Communication strategy & specifically for women’s football

• The media’s role (from the FA’s point of view)

• Ideas – FUFA Spokesperson (Ahmed Hussein)

11.30 – Presentation on TeleVision  -By Ms Jane Kasumba-UBC

11.50 Presentation by new media, internet, mobile, etc. By Joseph Owino of Owino Solutions and

12.10 Presentation by a news agency/USPA – By Sabiiti Muwanga-Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) Pressident

12.30 – Lunch break

14.00- Introduction to working groups Instructors

15.00  -Coffee break

15.30 – Presentations by working groups Group leaders

16.30  – Summary and conclusions of the day

DAY 3:

Promotion and marketing


– Marketing and working with sponsors

– Women’s football as a product

– Benefits for sponsors of women’s football

– Marketing strategy

– Expectations of the sponsors when signing a contract

09.00 • Wrap-up of Day 2

• Introduction to Day 3: promotion and marketing FIFA

09.20 FIFA presentation: how to market women’s football FIFA instructor

10.00 Coffee break

10.30 WF – marketing case study

11.00 Member Association presentation
on women’s football marketing

• Marketing strategy and specifically women’s football

• Opportunities for sponsors with regard to women’s football in the country

• Ideas/plans for the future By Esther Musoke, FUFA Marketing Manager

11.30 Presentation by potential sponsors – By Neola Byuma, Brand Manager, Airtel Uganda

11.50 Presentation by a marketing agency- (Moringa Ogilvy)

12.10 Presentation by potential sponsors

12.30 Presentation by potential sponsors

12.50 Lunch break

14.00 Introduction to working groups

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Presentations by working groups Group leaders

16.00 Summary and conclusion – next steps

Closing ceremony Hon. Mary Karoro Okurut

Day 4: Meeting with the FA and Girl’s Festival

8:30 – 9:45 am Meeting – FIFA representatives and the FA

To discuss the conclusions of the Com-Unity Seminar and the next steps with regards to women’s football development in MA

10 am – Press Conference

11 am – Girl’s football festival at KCCA stadium, Lugogo

• Display to the community at large that women’s football is played in the country

• Create awareness of women’s football amongst the government, NGOs, FA partners, media, business community and the football family at large

• Sensitize girls from an early age to get involved in football

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