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FUFA Archives: 14 years ago; Umony Brian dismissed SuperSport from the CAF Champions League

Umony: No battle between me and Onyango. Some people are creating a bad precedent.

The former times are so special to the football fraternity. Many high-profile personalities from a different era of their generations are a topic of discussion in reference to their achievements.

Just 14 years ago, FUFA Website (FW) caught up with the golden boy of the moment, Umony Brian immediately after KCC FC dismissed SuperSport from the CAF Champions League. He was later signed by the same South African club in 2009.

If Magid Musisi (RIP), Mathias Kawesa and Andrew Mukasa were prolific and consistent goal scorers for country and club known in the recent past, Umony was another gem.

FW hereby introduces the serial net buster in Umony Brian (UB).

FUFA Website (FW): Félicitations Brian

Umony Brian (UB): What?

FW: That is French for Congratulations and Bravo KCC FC?

UB: Thank you

FW: How do you feel after the entire capacity filled stadium expecting Umony to come and destroy Onyango, you come up and just answer that?

UB: I feel excited that I help my team whenever I play to get a result. However, I take this opportunity to clear to the world that all results in the Uganda Cranes and KCC Fc come after team work. UB cannot do anything alone. Credit should go to all the team. KCC FC and the Uganda Cranes could have done the same without me on team and have both done even better over years without me.

Secondly there is no battle between me and Onyango. Some people are creating a bad precedent. Onyango is a national team player and I have a lot to learn from him and I respect him. He is one the greatest goal keepers I know of.

FW: What are KCC FC’s chances over SuperSport?

UB: We have to work extra hard because they are a Strong team, with a lot of Professional approach and good players. I trust if we implement a plan as a team, we can eliminate them. The job is not done yet until we eliminate them and all playing and none playing staff at KCC must walk an extra mile.

FW: If Mr. Hunt (Supersport Coach) asked who Brian Umony is what would you answer?”

(Ed: Coach Hunt when asked how he would deal with on form UB, he asked the journalists who UB was?)

UB: I would answer with setting up one goal for Robert Sentongo and scoring another (long laughter for FW & UB). Anyway, more seriously I am a down-to-earth person with a humble background born to the late Loise Uwachango and Mr. Francis Kermit of Padwot Nebbi standing at 5ft 8 inches. I am graduate of B.A Econ from Kyambogo University.

FW: How does UB get to this level in football?

UB: Like any growing child, I have touched many sports for fun including basketball as I was growing up, but I started playing competitive football in S.4 at City High School when I made my debut for the school team. I later registered for Nakawa United FC in Nakawa first division before crossing to rivals Naguru SC. It is from Naguru that KCC FC was able spot me and here I am.

FW: Did you ever top score at the Coca Cola National Post Primary championships or at Nakawa first division?

UB: If there is one thing, I miss was never having played at the NPP. It is every student’s dream and it is the schools’ world cup. It depends on the school where one goes and if it cannot make it there then as a player you cannot but I was the top scorer at the 2006 Kampala Regional Super mini-League as Naguru was beaten by City Lads FC in the final.

FW: Who are the people you accredit for the success you have so far achieved?

UB: Of course, many people but there is a gentleman whose name I forget at City High who really made me opt for football. It was the right option at the right time and I did not see myself as good as he did. Then my coaches at Nakawa United, Naguru and at KCC; I must mention Mr, Muguwa Jimmy (Ed:RIP), George Nsimbe, Moses Basena, and Mujib Kasule. Outside football, the tutorage of my Uncle Mr. Zachary Anyaliel has made me the person I am today.

FW: What is your most memorable moment in your football Career?

UB: KCC FC Winning the 2007/8 USL and winning the 2008 CECAFA senior Challenge Cup were moments that keep coming back to my mind all the time.                                                                                     

FW: There are these players that are a joy in the same eleven with you. Could that include Waliggo of Nalubaale (played alongside in the U20 in Kinshasa)?

UB: I like Waliggo and he is a good player. Most times defenders are unsung heroes yet without them a team cannot win however much the forwards score goals. I like playing alongside all KCC and Cranes Players but there is a special chemistry with Vincent Kayizzi and Sam Mubiru.

FW: Talking about unsung heroes; who is that player you think in your opinion is that good for the team but never talked about?

UB: Without doubt it has to be Masaba Simon. You need to be in the same team with him to realise how useful and effective he can be but no one talks about him. I think Mawejje Tony is another.

FW: If you are to choose, which players locally and internationally would you opt to play alongside in the same club eleven?

UB: Masaba and Mawejje in Uganda and Obua and Sekajja internationally.

FW: A particular non-Ugandan player you admire?

UB: Samuel Eto’, Thierry Henry, and Ronaldinho are exceptional.

FW: Does that mean you joining SC Villa for Masaba or URA FC for Mawejje at the end of this season?

UB: What about both joining KCC FC? (Long laughter)

FW: Which is the most difficult match and player you have played?

UB: KCC/Bunamwaya in the first round this year’s USL was tough. It was like I have never played football before. For the player I think it is Dhaira(Ed:RIP). Sometimes you think no ball can go past him.

FW: If you are to walk out of the dugout with thousands of the Europeans fans chanting UB UB UB, where would you wish that to be?

UB: Old Trafford (Ed: He had not yet got to know of the Liverpool mauling of Man United a day before).

FW: When you were growing up, who are the role model Ugandan players who inspired you?

UB: The name of Magid Musisi reverberates in all homesteads across Africa and as a striker I would wish to earn even a percentage of that.

FW: I want to test your coaching or scouting instincts; Who is that one upcoming player that Uganda should watch for?; What is your message to the upcoming players?

UB: There is a midfielder at SC Villa called… I think he is Kizito, that boy will surely make it big one day if he is properly nurtured and if he works hard.

(Ed: This was Baba Kizito who eventually made it into the Uganda Cranes AFCON 2017 Squad and Professional Football)

FW: Is that advice to all young and upcoming players?

UB: Yes. Discipline, Discipline and Discipline, then hard work, and giving 100% is the secret behind my success. All players can make it with those

FW: So that is the secret behind your form? Did you ever hear of the vegboom advert? It went “Abedi Pele, you manage to keep you form; what is your secret?”

UB: So I am giving free form consultancy (Laughter). Yes it is. Training Discipline, hard work, and desire to succeed individually and for the team

FW: Where do you expect to take your predatory instincts next?

UB: For now, I want to consolidate my position in the national team. I want to be chosen even in the presence of all the professionals. I want to play alongside them to learn one or two more things. But like any footballer, the dream is Europe playing professional football and how I wish it could be Man United

FW: I want to enter the dressing room at KCC. Who is the funniest guy?

UB: We never stop smiling even in bad moments whenever we have Bongole and Sam Mubiru on team; Those Lads are funny

FW: Sorry I meant the big time characters like a playing coach

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