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Just 24 hours after warning the public against selling counterfeit Uganda Cranes  jerseys, the Uganda Police conducted an operation around town to bring the culprits to book.

The operation, that saw 3 people arrested was executed by the Uganda police headed by Central Police Station DPC Henry Kintu.

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The arrested trio now await  prosecution for the unlawful use of the FUFA logo on fake jerseys which is against the laws of Uganda in regard to the counterfeits.

‘ FUFA is not against anyone who wishes to sell Uganda Cranes jerseys as long as the right procedures are followed’ Hassan Mugerwa told

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Off to Police: Some of the people arrested during the operation

The operation comes in the wake of the Federation’s strong warning to the public on Wednesday during the weekly press conference at the FUFA House in Mengo.

“We shall wedge operations to crack down all those who use the FUFA logo to sell their merchandise. Fore warned is fore armed”, Alex Luganda, FUFA head of legal committee warned earlier on Wednesday.

Central Police Station DPC, Henry Kintu, who headed the operation advises the general public to adhere to the rules and procedure of attaining the full rights of using the FUFA logo.

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“We shall continue to arrest all the traders who are illegally using the FUFA logo which is a registered trade mark under the copyright law’ he said.

MAIN PHOTO: Central Police Station DPC Henry Kintu headed the operation to crack down dealers who sell counterfeit Uganda Cranes merchandise and illegally use the FUFA logo.

PHOTO CREDITS: FUFA Communications Department

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