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FUFA – Big League clubs engage in fruitful consultative meeting, next season kicks off on 29th October



  • FUFA holds successful meeting with Big League clubs
  • 11 out of 14 clubs attended the consultative meeting at FUFA Complex in Mengo
  • Licensing exercise starts on 22nd June 2020
  • Next season kicks off on 29th October
  • Quarterly breakfast meetings between FUFA and Big League Clubs agreed on


The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has on Friday held a successful consultative meeting with teams playing in the FUFA Big League, the second tier on the pyramid of Uganda’s domestic competitions.

The meeting chaired by FUFA President Moses Magogo in the presence of some FUFA Executive Committee members hinged on three key salient issues that included; how best clubs can brand themselves to suit modern trends, club licensing activity calendar and the proposed FUFA Competitions reforms.

In his opening remarks, the President lauded the club owners and stated that it is high time they engaged a second gear for the future.

‘I take this opportunity to thank everyone that has attended this meeting. We appreciate your efforts towards developing the game of football. This meeting is aimed at evaluating ourselves, see how far we have moved but also know where we are going. For long we have dwelled on the sporting ground but we should be thinking about the other elements like governance and looking at the business side of football’

The President further stressed that clubs in the FUFA Big League must re-brand themselves to suit modern trends and tap into the sponsorship pool.

‘As football, we have failed to realize the potential we have and how best we can tap into sponsorship monies. There are very many teams in the FUFA Big League that can embrace the community sense of belonging because you have huge but dormant fan bases. We need to play the game of numbers because a sponsor doesn’t look at how you spend but rather the value you give. The brand of the Big League is as strong as the clubs and that is what we must do and that is why we insist that instead of giving you the fish, we should give you the net to get more fish’

About the playoffs to determine the teams that will qualify to the Uganda Premier League next season, the FUFA President gave assurance to the members who attended the meeting that the federation is still studying the conditions in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘We hope that the situation gets better and have these games played. As FUFA, we want promotion to be on sporting grounds and that is why we are still buying more time. However, this will depend on the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health’

On the proposed FUFA Competitions reforms, in particular the playing format, members made various contributions on the matter but were later given an opportunity for further extensive discussion and report back on the agreed position.

Each of the 16 teams playing in the FUFA Big League will have a Junior League team, playing in the regional league where the particular team is based.

The aforementioned reforms are supposed to come into effect for the 2021/2022 season with next season (2020/2021) acting as a transition period.

FUFA 1st Vice President, Justus Mugisha asked FUFA Big League clubs to take the Juniors League project in good faith because it will help in nurturing of future players.

FUFA 1st Vice President Justus Mugisha stressing a point in the meeting.

‘When we brought the Juniors League in 2015, majority of the clubs in the Uganda Premier League saw it as a burden but for some who put emphasis on their teams have benefited. For instance, look at KCCA FC, they have been promoting players from their Junior team into the senior team and yet maintaining their standards in competing for titles.’

Kataka FC Vice chairman, Hassan Kakaire Kirunda who is also a delegate for FUFA Big League clubs in the FUFA Assembly called for more engagements between clubs and the federation.

Kataka FC official Hassan Kirunda

‘I thank FUFA for the interaction we have had today, it has been fruitful and I propose that going forward, we should have such meeting often’ said Kirunda whose proposal was welcomed and an agreement was reached to have quarterly meetings between FUFA and the clubs’ management top brass.

Paul Mark Kayongo, the chairman of Ndejje University FC tasked FUFA to revisit the existing Big League guidelines as a way forward.

Ndejje University FC chairman Paul Mark Kayongo

‘I thank FUFA for the meeting. I believe it was a good gesture in boosting stakeholders’ confidence. What I request is for FUFA to make emphasis on the principles and revisit the existing FUFA Big League guidelines and see how teams can improve’

Gilbert Nyaika who represented Kitara FC believes such engagements will help clubs to improve.

Kitara FC Official Gilbert Nyaika in the meeting

‘For the time I have been at Kitara FC, I think this is the first meeting we have had with FUFA at this level. It is important that FUFA gets to know our challenges as clubs and definitely such meetings are going to help’

FUFA 2nd Vice President, Darius Mugoye cautioned clubs to employ the right human resource that will help the clubs to grow their brands.

FUFA 2nd Vice President Darius Mugoye talking to FBL Club officials.

‘I’m happy to report that I have observed the FUFA Big League for some time and I can say there is more football than politicking. If only clubs can employ the right human resource, then development and growth of clubs will be realized.”

FUFA Club Licensing Chairman, Rogers Mulindwa called upon clubs to embrace the procedures put in place if they want to improve.

FUFA Excom member and Club Licensing Committee Chairman Rogers Mulindwa talking to FBL Club officials.

‘Club licensing is the kitchen of football across the world. Governance, financial stability and standards are very key.  We need to move together with owners, leaders and technical staff to develop the game. The action plan is well laid out and ready to start’


Proposed action plan for FUFA Club Licensing

  • FUFA Consultative meeting with clubs – 12th June, 2020
  • Release of Club licensing regulations – 22nd June, 2020
  • Clubs express interest to participate in the 2020/2021 season – 23rd– 26th June, 2020
  • First phase of the Clubs Pro Agenda – 1st– 10th July 2020
  • Submit Clubs’ License application and all supporting documents – 13th– 24th July 2020
  • First review and decision by First Instance Body-FIB (Club Licensing Committee) – 27th -29th July 2020
  • First inspection of clubs’ facilities – 6th -13th August 2020
  • End submission and uploading of Players’ documents on FIFA Connect System& Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS) – 14th August 2020
  • Second review and decision by First Instance Body-FIB (Club Licensing Committee) – 17th August 2020
  • Second Inspection of facilities – 4th September 2020
  • Final decision by appeals body – 7th -11th September 2020
  • Release of final list of successful clubs – 14th September 2020
  • Release of fixtures -29th September 2020
  • Kick-off of 2020/2021 FUFA Big League – 29th October 2020
FUFA Excom and Competitions Committee Chairmain Hamid Juma


FUFA Excom member and chairperson Bukedea FC, Agnes Mugena
UPDF FC CEO, Ashraf Miiro


Water FC Official James Obua

Teams and officials in attendance

James Obua -Water FC

Hassan Kirunda -Kataka FC

Francis Awiti – Doves All Stars

Agnes Mugena -Bukedea FC

Samuel Opio- Bukedea FC

Nasifu Dembe-Nyamityobora

Emmanuel Etiang- Kiboga Young

Paul Mark Kayongo -Ndejje University FC

Andrew Odong- Kigezi Home Boyz FC

Rasul Oryem -Paidha Black Angels FC

Ashraf Miiro- UPDF FC

Gilbert Nyaika -Kitara FC

Dove All Stars FC official, Francis Awiti
Paidha All Stars FC official, Rasul Oryem
Nyamityobora FC official Nasifu Dembe putting across his opinion during the meeting.


Kiboga Young FC official, Emmanuel Etyang


Water FC official, James Obua in the meeting.



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