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FUFA Club Licensing Appeals Committee upholds decision in regard to Arua Hill SC

The FUFA Club Licensing Appeals Committee has upheld the decision taken in regard to Arua Hill SC playing in the StarTimes Uganda Premier League.

The FUFA Club Licensing Committee (The First Instance Body) noted that Arua Hill Sports Club had continuously violated its obligations under the FUFA Club Licensing Regulations.

On January 10th 2024, the Committee conducted a meeting to assess Arua Hill Sports Club’s file and its standing across all the five aspects of the Club Licensing Criteria. This was prompted by among others reports of the club failing to raise the required number of players for a football match and receiving several club ownership transfers.

Nonetheless, the Committee gave the club an opportunity to defend itself and requested it to re-submit the information as required by the regulations.

Despite efforts to comply, the Club Licensing Committee found that the information filed by Arua Hill SC fell short of the minimum licensing requirements and a decision was taken to withdraw the license.

The club then went ahead to appeal against the aforementioned decision.

After thorough investigation, the FUFA Club Licensing Appeals Committee agreed with the decision taken by the First Instance Body and its ruling has therefore been upheld.

Arua Hill SC is therefore advised by the FUFA Club Licensing Committee to prepare for the 2024/25 Betpawa Big League season (second division).

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