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FUFA Clubs Pro Agenda launched

Uganda’s top flight sides plying their trade in the FUFA Super League (FSL) have been urged to put into use the newly introduced FUFA Clubs Pro Agenda (FCPA) for better results in the near future.  Twelve (12) out of sixteen (16)clubs featuring in the FSL attended the meeting which saw the FUFA president Engineer Moses Magogo interact with the secretaries and chairmen for the first time since being voted into the highest position in local football leadership in September last year. Masaka, KCC FC, Entebbe and Simba never attended the meeting in which a presentation was made for the clubs to guide them on how to improve from amateur level to professional status.

At the same meeting the clubs were reminded about their roles and rights as members of FUFA. They were also briefed on the current set up of continental football programme that CAF would like to align associations with the FIFA calendars.

“The Clubs are 16 out of the 31 Members that comprise and own FUFA. If you don’t defend against those who want to hijack the ownership of FUFA from the members, you will be fighting your own existence” said Magogo

Magogo informed the clubs that there are a number of various things being put together in terms of strategy to develop football. He told the clubs that they are the biggest contributors to the highest levels of football at senior level.

‘I appreciate and thank the clubs for keeping with FUFA during trying times even when there was a clear fact that there wasn’t money’ further said Magogo.

The FUFA president revealed to clubs that efforts are being made to secure sponsorships for the different products (packages) at the federation inclusive of the FSL

‘The calmer the football environment becomes the nearer we get to the potential sponsors’ added Magogo who was responding a series of questions from club officials regarding  sponsorship of football in the country.

Magogo who is a certified FIFA Football administration instructor took the club officials through the FCPA presentation which outlines how they can improve on their standards. It is based on items popularly known as ’11 key players’.

These are:

1-Goal keeper-Structures

2-Right back-Finances

3-Left back-Medical

4-Center back-Facilities


6-Central Midfield-Senior team

7-Right Wing-Youth Set Up

8-Central Midfield-Marketing



11-Left Wing-Event Management

He asked the clubs to always organize such forums to discuss more issues about football development and those that affect them.

The FUFA Vice President Mujib Kasule welcomed the meeting saying that the officials have now gotten an idea of what is expected of them.

The FCPA will act as an eye opener as some clubs were not taking some of the points raised in the presentation seriously which later impact on the team’s performance’ said Kasule.

The FUFA Chief executive officer Edgar Watson also attended the meeting and informed clubs that in a week’s time they will be notified and asked to present their compliance reports.

Photo: FUFA President Magogo with clubs officials of the 16 top flight sides at Arirang Hotel today.

Photo: FUFA president Engineer Moses Magogo with the club officials of the FSL.

Photo credit: FUFA  Communications department

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