Sunday, April 11, 2021
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FUFA, coaches brainstorm in technical insight meeting

FUFA and local football coaches engaged in a brainstorming meeting on Thursday to try and address technical challenges of the game but also devise ways on how to improve.

With the game growing at supersonic speed, adapting to the changing approaches is a must and the technical insight meeting at Imperial Royale Hotel dwelled on that exactly.

The meeting was chaired by FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo in the company of FUFA 1st Vice President, Justus Mugisha, 2nd FUF Vice President, Darius Mugoye, 3rd Vice President. Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi. The other Executive Committee Members who also graced the function included Ronnie Kalema, Hamid Juma and Rogers Byamukama.

The coaches ranged from those managing teams in the Uganda Premier League, FUFA Big League and National teams.

In his opening remarks, the FUFA President indicated that several observations have been made in as far as the technical aspect of the game is concerned and it’s high time solutions got to be found.

‘A number of observations have been made on our side. We have made progress but we can’t say we are where we want to be. The purpose of this meeting is to forge a way forward and address the challenges that are derailing our progress.’ He started.

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo addressing coaches on Thursday.

‘At one time, our challenge was to qualify to tournaments. That has been addressed and the next stage should be about our performance while at such levels. In our observations, we have realized that whereas we do well against teams from Southern and East Africa, we tend to struggle against teams from West and North Africa both at national team and club level.’

The coaches made their submissions with many pointing to the fact that as a country, we lack a football philosophy.

BUL FC head coach Arthur Kyesimira called for implementation of a uniform approach to the game across all stages of football development and also inculcate a football curriculum.

BUL FC coach Arthur Kyesimira

‘Every team, academy or club play differently. We seem not to have a strategic approach to the game. In Germany, there are basics that are done at Bayern Munich and elsewhere including teams in as low as the fourth division. We need to have a football curriculum that we follow.’

Edward Kaziba of SC Villa re-echoed his concern indicating there is a need to draw a strategic plan in as far as player development is concerned.

Coach Edward Kaziba of SC Villa

Crested Cranes head coach Faridah Bulega called FUFA to set up centres of excellence across the country where coaches and players are equipped with football knowledge.

Wilfred Muhumuza, a sports phycologist who also attended the meeting observed that Ugandan football lacks the mental preparation side.

Sports phycologist Wilfred Muhumuza

‘As a country, we are still stuck in the era of physical training, having players fit but sports is now more of a science. Sports phycology is lacking and that helps players and coaches in decision making on and off the pitch.’

Soltilo Bright Stars FC coach Baker Mbowa stated that there is no follow up on the many sprouting talents that show potential at a tender age but fail to break through at the senior level.

Soltilo Bright Stars FC coach Baker Mbowa

Livingstone Kyambadde, the Uganda Football Coaches Association chairman noted that there’s improvement in the quality of coaches coming up and are willing to embrace modern trends.

Uganda Football Coaches Association chairman, Livingstone Kyambadde

‘I thank FUFA for the efforts made in equipping the coaches with football knowledge through courses. There is a big improvement in approach to the game, analysis and preparations and we believe these interventions can only make us better.’

FUFA President in response to the concerns put up by the tacticians revealed that FUFA has looked at five areas that need to be addressed.

These included;

1- Player identification, development and management

2- Infrastructure, facilities and equipment

3- Management and Coaching

4- Sports Science and Technology

5- Governance and Administration

The coaches were divided into small groups and assigned to make research about the aforementioned areas.

They will later come up with suggestions in those areas and this will be discussed at the next meeting between FUFA and the coaches.