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FUFA completes training for top Management

The corporate world plays a key role in the employment sector. FUFA is the leading employer in the sports industry with close to 62 permanent staff spread across the country. With this kind of workforce, retention and growth of the labour force is very vital.  

With the Eight (8)-point strategic plan set out by FUFA, it is important for the internal stakeholders to get first-hand information on how to go about their daily chores at the Secretariat in Mengo and the eight (8) Regional Offices.

A three-day training for top management at the Director and Managers Level was organised by the FUFA Human resource office to help improve service delivery to the people they serve.  

It was aimed at providing proven personal leadership systems based on timeless principles of effectiveness.

Football administrator Stone Kyambadde who is a facilitator with the famous US based Franklin Covey Leadership Centre was in charge of the entire course that started on Wednesday 26th August 2020 and ended on Friday 28th August 2020.

The training was closed by the FUFA 1st Vice President Justus Mugisha who was accompanied to the event by FUFA 2nd Vice President Darius Mugoye and Executive Member Rogers Mulindwa.

FUFA 1st Vice President Justus Mugisha  

‘Mentoring and empowering humanity breeds experience which helps the labour force to plan for the future even when still in employment. FUFA has recruited the smartest of the smartest from the market to work for the institution’

FUFA CEO Edgar Watson

The training shows FUFA is committed to providing staff with the resources needed to ensure they’re do a good job. In turn, they’re more likely to enjoy their work when they report to office.  It will also give staff a chance to prioritise assignments with the aim of being efficient and effective’  

FUFA Communications Director Ahmed Hussein- a vote of thanks on behalf of staff

‘The training was very essential and we have learnt a lot since we implement the policies set by the Executive. However as we execute our work, we need to be observant by providing audience to the people we serve, follow principles, motivate others and also know our values’  

 The training was for the top Management which comprises the CEO, Deputy CEOs, Directors and Managers.

Uganda Premier League Scretariat led by their CEO Bernard Bainamani also attended the training.

The training hinged on the Seven (7) Habits of Highly Effective People which are;

1-Be Proactive (The Habit of Personal Responsibility)

2-Begin with the End in Mind (The Habit of Personal vision)

3- Put First Things First (The Habit of Personal Management)

4-Think Win-Win (The Habit of Mutual Benefit)

5- Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood (The Habit of Empathic Communication)

6-Synergize (The Habit of Creative Cooperation)

7-Sharpen the Saw (The Habit of Daily Self- Renewal)

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