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FUFA Conducts successful interactive forum with the media fraternity

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) continues to strengthen key chains with the various stake holders of the game in the country.

On Friday 3rd August 2018, the federation successfully organized the first ever interactive forum at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala with the members of the fourth estate under their umbrella body of the Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) at Imperial Royale Hotel.

This comes a week after FUFA organised  the Football Elders’ forum at the same hotel.

In the forum, the media freely and openly posed questions to the top brass FUFA team led by the President Eng. Moses Magogo.

The FUFA President, Eng. Moses Magogo giving his welcome remarks

The FUFA Second Vice President, Darius Mugoye, Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi (Third Vice President), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Edgar Watson, Deputy CEO Humphrey Mandu, Competitions Director Hajati Aisha Nalule, Football Development Director Ali Mwebe, FUFA Legal Manager Dennis Lukambi, Executive committee members (Ronnie Kalema- Chairman Uganda Football Refeers Association  and Rogers Byamukama-Marketing and Communtions Commitee), Finance Director Decolas Kiiza,  Communications Manager Ahmed Hussein, Club Licensing Manager Ivan Kintu, Referees Manager Samuel Egesa,  delegates and other FUFA staff attended the one day event intended to give media an opportunity to ask questions that were answered based on FUFA’s 8 key strategic areas of development.

L-R: Ronnie Kalema, Abdul Lukoya, Darius Mugoye, Eng.Moses Magogo, Sabiiti Muwanga, Edgar Watson and Humphrey Mandu

All the posed questions were categorized in the dockets of pillars of football development; Governance, Finance & Administration, Competitions, Infrastructure Facilities & Equipment, National Teams, Marketing and Communications and Membership.

Addressing the gathering during the opening of the forum, the FUFA President  appreciated the organisation at the helm of USPA for steering such a forum. He also hinted on the steady progress and consistency of such arrangements in future.

I thank USPA making such a forum a success. As FUFA, we are glad to fully facilitate it and we intend to make it annual. At FUFA, we have a vision of ensuring that we are the number one footballing country in Africa on and off the pitch. Our primary duties are to protect, develop and promote the game hence our Mission. All questions asked will be answered. Learning is a continuous process. We are open to criticism as an institution” Magogo stated in his welcome speech.

USPA President, Sabiiti Muwanga (L) with FUFA CEO Edgar Watson

The USPA President Sabiiti Muwanga thanked FUFA for accepting to support this interactive forum, which is a bridge between the media and the football governing body.

“I wish to thank FUFA for accepting to work with us in organising this forum. There is no limit to knowledge and we are grateful” Muwanga noted.

Below are some of the questions posed:


What is the game plan of FUFA to develop Uganda Football to the next level?

Executing our plan in line with governance, finance and administration, competitions, infrastructure, marketing and communications, national teams improvement as well as ensuring that our members improve in the way they conduct business.

How far has FUFA gone to comply with the 1964 NCS Act and any prospects to create a new law?

Dennis Lukambi, FUFA Legal Manager: We complied and have taken the initiative to be in line with the law passed in 2014.

FUFA Legal Manager Dennis Lukambi

How compliant is FUFA with its own Statutes and Regulations and what about the members of FUFA and the Clubs?       

Dennis Lukambi, FUFA Legal Director: FUFA is very compliant with our own statures. We follow our regulations to the dot. This is the reason that as FUFA we have not lost any court case, and it is on record.

Decolas Kiiza, The FUFA Finance Director makes a submission concerning the federation’s finances

Finance & Administration:

FUFA receives lots of monies. Can we understand the sources and how much and what is it used for?

Yes. It is indeed true we get a lot of money which must be a credit. We get money from FIFA, sponsorships (Airtel Uganda, Nile Breweries, Eco Bank, Uganda Breweries, National Insurance Corporation, Azam, Bet Lion), TV rights, CAF, fines, Government. FIFA funds are released under certain conditions which we must fulfil to the dot. The money FUFA gets is used to operate projects, run the national teams, meet federation operational costs, used in capacity building programmes and competitions

We are set to undertake stadium construction at Lugazi, Kadiba, beach soccer facility at Namboole among others.

2nd FUFA Vice President: Darius Mugoye:

We are extending financial assistance to each of the 8 regions. We engaged the regions in capacity building programmes, have also furnished their offices and distributed 300 balls to each region.

FUFA Second Vice President Darius Mugoye

FUFA’s accountability has always been questioned, can we get the explanation of how this is done and when and where and to who?      

The first stage of accountability is to acknowledge that we receive the money. Our total revenue is 18 Billion with a net worth of Shs 8 Billion. We account at the Annual AGM and openly display the records at FUFA House.

How many staff does FUFA have and how are they recruited and why are former footballers not recruited in FUFA Positions?

FUFA CEO, Edgar Watson: We have 35 staff at FUFA. We head hunt and advertise as well. FUFA has lots of many former footballers who have been assimilated into the federation system

FUFA CEO Edgar Watson (holding the microphone)


What is being done to improve the Elite Club football in Uganda to be able to compete favourably in the Continental Competitions?

Aisha Nalule, FUFA Competitions Director: The Federation is developing the clubs pro agenda. So far, we have completed the system with URA, Bright Stars and Ndejje University already.

Football is business. It can generate its own money. This is the evangelism that is being preached through the FUFA Clubs pro agenda.

What is the objective of the FUFA Drum and why not off season? Is it not right to consider non Premier League Players?    

Aisha Nalule, FUFA Competitions Director: The major objectives of the FUFA Drum tournament is to take back the game to the country side in the entire country.This tournament has given players more playing time.

Aisha Nalule, the FUFA Competitions Director (Middle)

What strategies does FUFA have to develop football from the grassroots:

Aisha Nalule, FUFA Competitions Director: Through the Airtel Rising Stars, registered in many under age continental competitions, mandate by FUFA to ensure clubs in the top flight have U-18 teams.

Employment of youth development officers in the regions. Financial support extended to regions to have youth teams.

There are 115 registered academies in the country at the moment.

Aisha Nalule, the FUFA Competitions Director
Ali Mwebe, the FUFA Football Development Director displays the Five year strategic plan document
Ivan Kintu Bayige, the FUFA Club Licencing Manager

Marketing and Communications:

FUFA seems to have done well in bringing on board Sponsors. What is the magic and wont the bubble burst? And How come other properties are not sold but only the Uganda Cranes       

We have proven. Our approach is in models. We are fronting the Uganda Cranes brand since it has been built over decades. The magic has been with the massive re-branding exercise FUFA undertook a few years ago.

Who are the Sponsors of the Uganda Premier League in the coming Season as we don’t seem to see SB TV anywhere?

FUFA President, Eng Moses Magogo: There will be a sponsor unveiled soon. That is one assurance I am giving you. There are lots of confidential talks going on.

What is FUFA doing to address the matters of Stadium Access Confusion for big games including the way accreditations for the media are done?

FUFA President: We are discussing with Namboole management to forge out the best solution on how to manage the crowds.

Ahmed Hussein: Accreditation is not a punishment, we must respect it. It is conducted world-wide.

FUFA Communications Manager, Ahmed Hussein


FUFA has abandoned its grassroots structure’s like the Regions and Districts as not even a single ball is given. Is this not retrogression compared to the past?

Football Development:

What is FUFA doing to address the fact that the national coach can only be foreign?

Developing Ugandans is work in progress.  We are still developing our coaches technically.

CAF has started a CAF Pro course. FUFA will soon start manager’s course that will last 300 hours (10 months) – match analysis, professional communication, Football business development, Finance management.

Ali Mwebe, Football Development Directoe: We have a year strategic plan (Capacity building, elite and massive coaching development) among others.

Is there any plan to ensure that women and youth football is being played in every village like the boys and Men football?

Yes, FUFA has a strategic plan to increase on the number of young people playing football. FUFA extends financial support to regions. We revamping grassroots programme (Under six catergory). We are in the process of reviving the primary schools competitions, energizing the schools of excellence and the national women team will also start the regional tours like the Uganda Cranes

What is the football development strategy of FUFA?    

This stems from the five year plan stated above under key pillars of Capacity building, Youth football, Women football development, beach soccer development, Futsal development, sports medicine.

Fredrick Ssekitto, the founder of USPA in 1970. He also attended.
Former USPA President Mark Namanya and former treasurer Sam Mpooza raise their hands to make submissions
Francisco Bwambale (standing with microphone) makes a submission
FUFA Third Vice President, Owek. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi (standing) with the closing remarks at the USPA – FUFA Interactive Forum
Participants at the USPA-FUFA Interactive forum
FUFA President Moses Magogo hands over a framed Uganda Cranes jersey to the USPA President Sabiiti Muwanga

The day ended on a high at Kabira Country club with a football match between the FUFA President’s XI amd USPA which the former won 3-2. Hakim Magumba netted twice while Fred Tamale got the other for the Presidnet’s XI led by FUFA President.

Ismail Mulangwa and David Isabirye got USPA’s consolation goals.

MAIN PHOTO: The group photo of all participants and FUFA officials after the first ever USPA – FUFA Interactive Forum

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