Friday, July 3, 2020
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FUFA confirms Mutesa II Stadium ready to host League Games

FUFA through the Club Licensing Committee has approved Mutesa II Stadium ready to host league games after a thorough inspection on Saturday 22nd February.

FUFA Club Licensing Manager Ivan Kintu Bayige made the statement immediately after inspection together with his committee that was also accompanied by the FUFA CEO Edgar Watson together with the UEFA Pitch and Maintenance expert Philip Fifield.

UEFA expert and FUFA Club Licensing Committee testing the soil and grass of Mutesa II Stadium

The inspection took practical testing of the grass, the soil at the pitch together with the drainage system, fortunately, the former were fully worked upon during the time of the ban.

‘We have made an inspection on the Stadium and a lot has been worked upon. There is a great improvement and we have found out that the ground is ready to host league games.  The pitch is all green. Clubs are now free to host their games in the Stadium.’ Said Kintu Bayige.

Apparently, the stadium is the home ground for Express FC and the club has been using Kavumba recreation Ground as the alternative for hosting league matches.

Mutesa II Stadium Manager Kyomuhendo Flavia admitted that a lot has been done to reach on the level the ground is right now and promised that extra work will be done to maintain the pitch. She was also part of the concluded Groundsmen workshop at Mandela National Stadium.

‘We have done our best to reach this level and we are proud to be approved for hosting league games again. We shall work hard to maintain pitch standards.’ Said Kyomuhendo.

Kyabazinga Stadium of Jinja, Kakindu Stadium, Kakyeka Stadium, and Green Light Stadium all had the same challenge of poor pitches especially during wet seasons however Kakindu stadium is in process of fulfilling the requirements for hosting League matches with fully green grass on the pitch.

MAIN PHOTO: FUFA, Express officials at Mutesa II Stadium together with UEFA expert Philip Fifield