Sunday, August 25, 2019
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The FUFA Drum 2019: Draws held as playing format is changed

The draws for the second edition of The FUFA Drum tournament have been held on Tuesday 12th March 2019 at Jevine Hotel, Rubaga in Kampala.

The federation was represented with the top brass officials led by the FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo, 1st Vice President Justus Mugisha, Exco Members Hamid Juma, Chis Kalibbala, Ronnie Kalema, David Mukidi Kalyebala, Rogers Byamukama, FUFA CEO Edgar Watson and the FUFA Drum Committee members.

The respective Provinces were also well represented by team leaders and officials. The playing format has been changed in a way that after the first group stages, the teams will be grouped to play at one venue for the quarter finals till the finals. The venue is yet to be named.

Moments before the draws, the team leaders and the local organizing committee conducted a review session on how the previous tournament progressed and plan for the 2nd edition.

In his address, the FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo lauded all the parties for their roles in ensuring a successful tournament during the first edition.

Local organizing committee members of the FUFA Drum with the FUFA President moments after the draws

With due admission, the challenges encountered during the inaugural tournament can only be made better;

I am very glad that we have the second edition of the FUFA Drum tournament. I thank the stakeholders who enabled the successful running of the first edition. I must admit we had challenges in the first edition, but we shall only get better. We have a new format in place. This is meant to give sponsors mileage. This tournament causes a lot of emotions and this is good for the event. Let us enjoy the tournament and encourage our fans to take part through mobilisation. Three provinces Acholi, Tooro and West Nile stood out in terms of mobilisation. I also thank the cultural leaders who took part in the first edition. Congratulations Buganda for winning the first editionEng. Moses Magogo

Rogers Byamukama, the chairperson for The FUFA Drum Local organising committee


Rogers Byamukama, FUFA Drum Local organising committee chairperson

‘The first edition of the FUFA Drum was a successful tournament. I thank all the teams that took part in the tournament and for the beautiful football displayed. We got support from Government, cultural and political leaders. Let us build a good brand. Build it together. This edition we return bigger and better with player insurance well catered for by the National Insurance Corporation (NIC). For the short comings, I beg we review together and ensure a successful tourney for the successful tournament in year two’ 

FUFA CEO-Edgar Watson

Over two million fans followed their Province teams to venues where matches were played. This was a strong message that indicated people’s love for football and their ancestry. Let’s participate with love and joy that football brings.

The 19th FUFA Executive Committee meeting that sat on 14th February 2019 renewed the mandate of The FUFA Drum Organising Committee for another term of one year. I would like to thank Mr. Rogers Byamukama and his Committee members for the job well done in the first edition.


FUFA Vice President Justus Mugisha

‘The tournament has impacted well on football at all levels right from the grassroot. I thank the secretariat for the work well done during the first edition. This is the best innovation we have made as FUFA in very many years. I thank the Executive, delegates and those who were consulted. Initial edition we promised much more than delievered. I urge the team leaders to further organize their teams. We expect more crowds and more revenues. We have got inquiries from other countries on how the FUFA Drum tournament is being organised’ 


  • A: Busoga, Kampala, Tooro, Rwenzori
  • B: Buganda, Ankole, Lango, Sebei
  • C: West Nile, Acholi, Bunyoro, Karamoja
  • D: Bukedi, Bugishu, Teso, Kigezi

Match Day one Fixtures (30th – 31st March 2019)

  • Busoga Vs Tooro
  • Kampala Vs Rwenzori
  • Buganda Vs Lango
  • Ankole Vs Sebei
  • West Nile Vs Bunyoro
  • Acholi Vs Karamoja
  • Bukedi Vs Teso
  • Bugisu Vs Kigezi

MAIN PHOTO: Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister Bernard Tungwaho conducts the draw for the 2019 FUFA Drum Tournament. He was assited by Mike Letti (West Nile), Mariam Mpaata(Kigezi) and Peter Nkugwa (Kampala)