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FUFA Drum 2022: West Nile, Lango road to the final

The third edition of the FUFA Drum will witness West Nile Province and Lango Province face-off in a highly anticipated two legged finale.

The first leg will be played this Saturday, 7th January at the Greenlight Stadium in Arua City.

Both teams have played six games prior to the final, in an edition that started at the round of 16.

Below is the road map to the final for both provinces.

West Nile Province

Round 16

West Nile Province 5-0 Karamoja Province
Karamoja Province 0-1 West Nile

Quarter Final

West Nile Province 4-0 Kampala Province
Kampala Province 0-2 West Nile Province

Semi final

West Nile Province 1-0 Acholi Province
Acholi Province 1-1 West Nile Province

Rashid Okocha with one of his Man of the Match accolades

Lango Province

Round 16

Lango Province 0-0 Ankole Province
Ankole Province 0-1 Lango Province

Quarter final

Bugisu Province 1-0 Lango Province
Lango Province 3-0 Bugisu Province

Semi final

Tooro Province 2-2 Lango Province
Lango Province 1-0 Tooro Province

Tooro 2-2 Lango | Man of the Match – Allan Okello

West Nile Province who will be playing in their second final will be playing the first leg at home for the fourth straight time in this edition.


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