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FUFA Executive makes Judicial reforms as new committees are named

FUFA has made judicial reforms aimed at protecting football in the country and the various stakeholders in the beautiful game.

The reforms are aimed at helping FUFA to achieve its;

VisionTo be the number One Football Nation in Africa on and off the field’ and;

Mission ‘To Develop, Promote and Protect football for all’

In order to execute the mission statement of Protecting Football, the 22nd FUFA Executive Committee that sat on 13th March 2020 at the Executive House Boardroom-FUFA Complex-Mengo passed a number of FUFA Judicial Reforms.

Objectives of the reforms

  1. Protect Football
  2. Ensure Fast & Fair Justice
  3. Create Stakeholders’ Confidence in the Independence and Competence of the FUFA Judicial Bodies


The Vices against Football

The FUFA Executive Committee observed that the modern game is faced with vices that urgently need a very agile legal regime to administer justice. Such vices against football include;

  1. Gaining unfair advantage
  2. Bringing football into disrepute
  3. Use of banned Substances
  4. Discrimination & Defamation
  5. Interference by 3rd parties
  6. Hooliganism & Violence
  7. Corruption
  8. Predetermination of Results (Sporting Reasons)
  9. Predetermination of Results (Betting Reasons)


The FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary (FED) Code

In accordance with the Article 63 and 64 of the FUFA Statutes, the FUFA Executive Committee amended the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Codes into one document now called ‘The 2020 FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary (FED) Code’.

This code comes into effect on 1st April 2020


FUFA Judicial Bodies

The FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary (FED) Committee

The FED Committee will be composed as follows;

There shall be a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the FED Committee. Their roles shall be;

  1. Direct Judicial Process at FUFA
  2. Ensure Fast & Fair Justice
  3. Allocate Matters to Bodies
  4. Official Spokesperson of the FED Committee


Below the Chairperson and Vice Chairman/person, there shall be 4 (Chambers/Panels) each composed of a Chair and 2 Other Members. These include;

1-FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel and the role is to Determine and apply Corrective Measures as provided for in the FED Code and/or other FUFA Rules for undisputed matters;

i-from Match Reports

ii-from Public Forum


iv-assigned by Chairperson of the FED Committee


2- FUFA Investigatory Chamber and roles shall be to;

i-Initiate Investigations

ii-Investigate as referred to by CDP

iii-Investigate as directed by Chair

iv-Drop Investigation/Clear Parties

v-Cause Adjudication

vi-Defend Investigation Report before Adjudication


  1. FUFA Adjudicatory Chamber and the roles shall be to;

i-Receive Investigation Report

ii-Decide to Continue with Adjudication/Close File

iii-Accept or Reject Plea Bargain

iv-Hear and Determine Cases presented by the IC


  1. FUFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and the roles shall be to;

i-Receive Contractual Disputes between Clubs, Players and Coaches

ii-Arbitrate and Determine Contractual Disputes between Clubs, Players and Coaches


5-The FUFA Appeals Committee

This shall remain the Appellant Body of matters Adjudicated by the FED Committee


Members of the FUFA Judicial Bodies

Pursuant to article 61 of the FUFA Statutes, the 22nd FUFA Executive Committee Meeting named the following persons as members of the various FUFA Judicial Bodies

The Members of the Committees are;



FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee

Dr. Azaah Taibu-Chairman

Kaggwa Yusf- Vice Chairman


FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel  

Mutabazi Deo- Chairman

Kabwimukya George-Vice Chairman

Serunjoji Robert-Member


FUFA Investigatory Chamber

Kabega Musa- Chairman

Hilal Hussein-Vice Chairman

Twiine Charles- Member


FUFA Adjudicatory Chamber

Ruta Darius-Chairman

Katumba Hudson-Vice Chairman

Lwembawo Hussein-Member

Sserunjoji Nasser-Member

Kasalirwe Edrisa-Member


FUFA Dispute Resolution Chamber

Emojong Peter-Chairman

Andy Lule-Vice Chairman

Dan Obote-Member

Nobert Kazibwe-Member

Natabi Harriet-Member


FUFA Appeals Committee

Nabuuso Diana- Chairperson

Nuru Muhammad- Vice Chairperson

Sabiiti Muwanga- Member

Lajan Livingstone- Member

Mark Namanya-Member

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