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FUFA introduces on-line Competitions Management System (CMS)

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has introduced an on-line Competitions Management System (CMS).

This is a system that will enable referees and assistants to report about the match out-come instantly.

Training for the referees and assistants started on Thursday, 26th November 2020 at FUFA House.

According to the FUFA Deputy CEO – Football, Decolas Kiiza Hantali, the system will enhance the referees’ reporting formats and improve the integrity of the competitions held.

Decolas Kiiza Hantali, Deputy FUFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Football

‘Training for Competitions management system training for referees and assistant referees who will officiate the first and second divisions in the season 2020-21 has commenced. The system will enhance referees’ reporting formats and improve on the integrity of our competitions. This is an online system as it is done in the international competitions and this will apply in our domestic competitions. Referees are appointed through the system and reports through the same system. We will require two major reports; the flash system (major highlights of the match) with 12 hours and the comprehensive report with 24 hours. We thank the FUFA IT department management that has designed this system and pray that it bears the fruits we anticipate especially of improving the integrity of our competitions.’ Decolas Kiiza Hantali, Deputy FUFA CEO – Football.

The system was designed by the FUFA Information Technology (IT) Department.

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