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FUFA Judicial Bodies meet to review 2023/24 season

FUFA Judicial Bodies have on Tuesday held a fruitful engagement with FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim. The meeting was held to review the past season and how judicial matters were handled by the various FUFA Judicial Bodies in line with the FUFA Vision and Mission.

FUFA Executive Committee Member and Executive Secretary- Governance Sam Mpiima, FUFA CEO Edgar Watson, FUFA Judicial Commission Chairperson Dr. Azah Taib and FUFA Deputy CEO- Governance Sam Bakiika also attended the meeting.

Heads of Judicial Bodies and their members, FUFA Legal Office headed by FUFA Legal Manager Denis Lukambi, FUFA Legal Officer Sheba Ampaire and Legal assistant Kevin Aijuka were part of the meeting.

The review meeting reflected on what was done and what plans are lined up ahead of the new season to improve on the delivery of decisions with fast and fair justice to all stakeholders.

FUFA President lauded the various FUFA Judicial Bodies for the selfless efforts in making sure, sanity prevails.

FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim driving home a point during the meeting

“The people behind the Judicial processes at FUFA have done a great job. On behalf of the Executive, I would like to thank you for the selfless efforts in keeping the game clean by making verdicts that make football the beautiful game,”he stated.

“I would also like to recognise the efforts of the FUFA Legal Office headed by Denis Lukambi. The Secretariat has supported the judicial bodies and their processes to deliver justice.”

FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim during the FUFA Judicial Bodies meeting

The President stressed that “Football is about Fair play and when it is missing, the sport will be affected in all aspects. FUFA emphasizes alot on Governance to instil and install fair play.” Added the President.

He stressed that Football at the moment faces two challenges namely; Match fixing and Hooliganism but indicated that FUFA is determined to fight against them by applying rules and regulations and stringent sanctions will be applied to have a clean sport.

FUFA Executive Secretary in charge of Governance, Sam Mpiima who is also a FUFA Executive Committee Member is glad that all decisions taken were for the good of the game.

FUFA Executive Secretary in charge of Governance, Sam Mpiima

“FUFA will continue to support the activities of the FUFA Judicial bodies which are aimed at sensitisation of the stakeholders and how judicial processes operate.” He said.

Dr. Azah Taib, the Chairperson FUFA Judicial Commission revealed that FUFA will continue to build the Judicial processes through sensitisation of clubs and other stakeholders.

FUFA Judicial Commission Chairperson Dr. Azah Taib

“This will help the public and football family understand and have more trust on how the Judicial system operates.” She stated.

The FUFA Judicial process will undergo a pilot project to migrate to the online system from the current ordinary service delivery where cases are filed manually.

The FUFA Judicial Bodies will hold review meetings during the mid season and the off season just before the start of the new football season.

FUFA Legal Manager Lukambi noted that there has been a drop in cases registered by the FUFA Legal office in the just concluded season. This is attributed to players, referees and club officials getting more knowledgeable on how and where to submit their complaints to for justice.

FUFA Legal Manager Denis Lukambi

Key points from the review meeting of the FUFA Judicial Bodies

Sensitisation through educational programmes for all stakeholders about the FUFA Judicial Processes.

Migration of the FUFA Judicial Process to the Online System effective 2024/2025 season.

Stakeholder engagements with Government and public through various forum to share ideas.

Lawyers to come together to internalise the National Sports Law 2023 and its application on matters that football may not have jurisdiction.

Members of the FUFA Judicial Bodies

FUFA Judicial Commission

Dr. Azah Taibu-Chairperson

Kaggwa Yusuf- Vice Chairman

FUFA Disciplinary Panel  

Mutabazi Deo- Chairman

Kabwimukya George-Vice Chairman

Serunjogi Robert-Member

FUFA Investigatory Chamber

Kabega Musa- Chairman

Hilal Hussein-Vice Chairman

Twiine Charles- Member

FUFA Adjudicatory Chamber

Ruta Darius-Chairman

Katumba Hudson-Vice Chairman

Lwembawo Hussein-Member

Sserunjogi Nasser-Member

Kasalirwe Edrisa-Member

FUFA Dispute Resolution Chamber

Emojong Peter-Chairman

Andy Lule-Vice Chairman

Dan Obote-Member

Nobert Kazibwe-Member

Natabi Harriet-Member

FUFA Appeals Committee

Nabuuso Diana- Chairperson

Nuru Muhammad- Vice Chairperson

Sabiiti Muwanga- Member

Lajan Livingstone- Member

Mark Namanya-Member

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