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FUFA not relenting on the fight against Match manipulation

FUFA has been unequivocal about match manipulation and the stance about the ever growing vice is not about to change. It should be noted that FUFA launched an anti-match fixing campaign in March last year.

The message was re-echoed on Tuesday by Charles Twine, a Member and Chief Investigator-FUFA Investigatory Chamber and Denis Lukambi, the FUFA Legal Manager.

Twine indicated that FUFA will not relent on fighting the vice and has the capacity to trace any cases.

“We launched a campaign against a vice which we realized was damaging the game. From that time we have been deliberate and consistent in doing our work. Owing to that background, we received a lot of information from different platforms and we realized there were cases of match fixing,” he stated.

Twine revealed that FUFA with the help of FIFA broke into a syndicate that had its base in South Africa.

“We broke into a syndicate who had penetrated through our game. Some of the names behind this are Mugisha Andrew and Mutyaba Highfier also known as Chelsea who were reaching out to referees, players ans some administrators and had their base in South Africa,”

“Our resolute as the chamber is to make sure that this vice is completely wiped out. Last week, some people were suspended for 90 days as we continue to make investigations.” He added.

Asked if the new Sports Act will be put into effect for the culprits implicated, Twine stated that that will depend on the security and judicial agencies.

“Our duty as the FUFA Judicial Bodies can only be limited to football judgements and we are aware of the Principal of double jeopardy. If the courts wants to pass criminal judgement then they are free to do so.” He explained.

Lukambi explained that FUFA has developed the capacity to make investigations and anyone involved in pre-determination of matches will be traced.

“As FUFA, we have the capacity to do thorough investigations and we take time to identify the cases, follow up, summon the people implicated before judgement is made.” Lukambi said before adding, “FUFA signed an MoU with a data collecting firm called Sportradar to get information from our first and second division for the start. The same company is working with FIFA and this has enabled us to get intelligence reports.”

“Our collaboration with Sportradar enables us to make thorough investigations and identify the culprits. FUFA and Sportradar Integrity Services are cooperating towards gathering relevant investigation on actual events. The same company is working with FIFA and has enabled us get intelligence reports.”

The FUFA Anti-Match Fixing Campaign is hinged on three key pillars namely Recognise, Resist and Report.

A match-fixer targets people who are able to directly influence the match. The fixer can approach you in various ways. For example, he can act very friendly and directly or indirectly offer you gifts or money or buy you other things.

Without integrity, the game of football will lose its credibility, its fans, its sponsors: match-fixing destroys football. Protect the game and resist if you are approached to fix a match. If you (help) fix a match, you risk a worldwide lifetime ban from football, criminal prosecution and a prison sentence.

Reporting approaches for match-fixing will protect you and the game of football. It is important that you report any suspicion or corrupt behaviour. Report to your coach, club owner or FUFA on phone number (0787063409) and email address

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